This is one of the most brilliant decision taken by Google. It is official Google is narrowing the differences between the main index and the supplemental index. This would help those people who had a large CMS integrated sites and didn’t know how to fix the issues of duplicate content issue which was one of the chief factor of Supplemental Results. Well you could just go to search your own website that did Google put your pages out of that index. Well for me its gone!

Well there could also be some problem related to the same factor. As people were now starting to write their own content due to the fact that Google didn’t like the duplicate content and may put your pages into Supplemental Index, but let me tell you this, they still have the power to find if your content is real or you just copied from some where and may devalue your site. So, better not to indulge in such kind of activities. Well if your site is new and you copied from a well established site then the established site was given the weight and you are devalued. This feature may still be used by Google and they may have improved it also so as to keep the spam away!

So, you better not to do things that are not liked by people.

Write your own unique content and win the war of high search engine rankings!