GooruzeThis is a happening place. With the online marketing booming the world, everyone wants their piece of pie. There are few very good places where the actual knowledge flows, as there are care takers who keep themselves busy in maintaining the knowledge flow, efficiently and effectively. The ones I like most are V7N Web Development Community, Web Talk Forums, Sphinn, and recently the announcement of Gooruze made me to join the community.

So, what is Gooruze?
It’s a community place for online marketers, a blend of blogs, forums, social networking and doing business all at a single place. Hear from the maker himself about Gooruze. It promises, to be the most happening place where similar minded people could share their knowledge and learn from each other. I wonder how much easier it would become to find all the latest information, advice from the top bosses of the online marketing. This is the power of Internet, which allows you to be in touch, always!

For its promotion there is an Adwords contest with worth $10,000 to be won, so don’t wait any longer just go on and register on the new happening place.