seo biggiesHow many times have you linked to a new blog giving good information on a certain topic or simply which is helpful to the community? May be not too many times
And people say, write good articles so that you would get linked calling it as a link bait, well that could work as a vote of thanks to the writer’s hard work. Isn’t it?

There are so many good writers who are going online everyday, they work so hard to find useful information around the big web of internet to share it with us and what do we do just pass from it, instead of sharing it with others. Is that fair from our part. No, I guess.

What the biggies should do is set up an example to others by praising the hard working newbies, hence giving equal place to everybody. What I mean is there shouldn’t be anybody’s monopoly. Everyone should get a fair chance to prove himself. This would help everyone to discover or invent something unique which would in turn, help the community.

We always see people like Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, Jim Boykin, Aaron Wall, Peter Da Vanzo, Andy Hagans, Lee Odden, John Scott, David Naylor, Gray Wolf (Michael Gray), Mike Grehan and lot more discuss everything, with due respect I’m not offending any of the above listed people they are the best in the industry and I highly respect them. They do a lot of hard work to research things and help the community for which I am very thankful to them but there are also people like Mike Dammann, Zap, Michael Goldman, Prashant Vikram and there are so many others who work so hard to help people around the world but how many of you know anybody above. I guess not many knows about them. So does that mean they are not helping the community or are any less SEO than the biggies. No, not at all.

See I am not here to advocate anybody what I am trying to say is we should applaud hard work of people. So that he gets encouragement to work more and add up to help the community. Wouldn’t that be good? Just think!