no spamEvery now and then we see people emailing you, asking you to link to them. Emailing to people is a very helpful way to let people know about your content. This could help you immensely, if you know how to do it. If you write some valuable content, email the people who are included in the article. They are your confirmed readers and might link to that article too, if they found it worthy!

Link building is the most important aspect in SEO and hence people try to find out new places to build links that look natural. Spamming people with link begging may put you in a black list and may prove to be disastrous to your business.

The trend which is followed now is producing a link bait. A link bait could be of several kinds ant types. Be it news, fun, controversial, valuable script, and many others.

So, there are so many choices for you to go for. Don’t just stick to the manuals. Do things out of the box and you will get huge acknowledgment.