Is this some kind of a joke or Jason Calacanis is serious! Jason Calacanis calls himself as one of the best SEOs. It would be nice to see Jason Calacanis give us some more insights and tutorials on SEO, so that it could be helpful to us!

The last time he was on top of blogosphere I remember was when he called “SEO is Bullshit!”, quite a non explanatory comment. To this Neil Patel, threw an open challenge to him by saying:

I can take your blog and increase your daily search traffic by a minimum of 10 to 20% after 30 days of putting my changes into effect.

The reason for such a comment was to make a controversy. Well this really gave him a wildfire acknowledgement in the blogosphere, so the work done! In terms of SEO, we call this a Controversial Link Bait, but using SEO technique against us is never welcomed, so please mind it Jason! Had you praised the SEO industry or given us something worth, then we would’ve really love to respect you as well as keep you on our finger tips, as the names of Aaron Wall, Danny Sullivan, Andy Hagans, Lee Odden, Jill Wahlen, Bill Hartzer, Matt Cutts, Jim Boykin, John Scott, Mike Dammann and the list goes on! These people are a constant source of good information. I respect them and would praise them whenever I find time, and so does many people around. This industry has given us so much. It is so helpful and caring.

Next time you want to bad mouth SEO industry, please don’t do it! We love what we do, and will keep doing it forever and ever as you love your work!