You would hear everywhere that doing this would ban your site doing that would ban your site! Well what I fell is that you would never be banned until and unless you do something really bad which is worth banning your site!

I was so excited with the rankings of my seo news blog that being fairly new it has achieved such a high rankings on Google, and they said it would not be easy for a site to rank for at least 8-12 months depending upon the competition.

What I want to point out here is that you shouldn’t listen to every body who calls himself as a SEO these self proclaimed SEOs just achieve top rankings through un-ethical means. Like for example having a network of site and link to all the sites in a 3-way fashion. This is not SEO, this is just manipulating search engines or they would submit their sites to 100s of directories to fetch rankings.

SEO is an art. An art to motivate people, an art to help people and the more you practice this art the more successful you become.

In the end I would just like to add that don’t worry about anything. Even if you don’t find SEO to be simple, just keep on working on it and a day will come when you will see yourself on the top of the world!