Fighter planes are one thing which make me excited. So I just pull out few of my favorite fighter planes and put up here. They are fast and deadly!

f 16 fighter plane
F-16 fighter plane.

f 18 fighter plane
F-18 HARV (High Alpha Research Vehicle).

F 35
F-35 fighter plane.

mig fighter plane
Flying a MiG-30 fighter
Approximate cost: $19,000.

f 22 raptor
F-22 Raptor.

Xiaolong/FC-4 fighter
The Xiaolong/FC-4 fighter plane.

MIG 29
MIG-29 fighter plane.

sukhoi fighter plane
Sukhoi-30 fighter plane.

sukhoi 27
Sukhoi-27 fighter plane.

A-4 SkyHawk fighter plane
A-4 SkyHawk Firing.