There are over thousand of Digg alike websites, and a majority of those use Pligg. Pligg is an open source content management system, that allows you to build your own Digg like websites. At one stage it looked like it was an end of Digg in the year 2007. With the increasing number of small social networking sites converging daily, it is acceptable to visit these small ones too. For new comers who are unable to make up to the asking of Digg or other high profile social networking sites, getting engaged in these small networks could provide huge benefits to them by not only giving them a good social networking environment but also this will help them grow their own network of friends, who will help them with big networks.

Recently, I was busy in search of sites that could help me in socializing more and I’m glad I found these 30 websites a worth to look and bookmark! If you are a social animal just like me then, these websites are just for you.

Internet Marketing:

1. – Sphinn is a social networking community for Search and Internet Marketing Professionals. Sphinn allows you to share your SEO/SEM articles and others vote for it, obviously if they like it.

2. – PlugIM is a yet another social networking site for Internet Marketers allowing you to share and bookmark the articles you find useful.

3. – Looking for a website to learn more about PPC, PPC Ad is just the site you were looking for. Here people share the links to all the top articles on PPC.

Web Professionals:

4. – The CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals. Ever wanted to see all the top CSS article at one place, this is the place it is.

5. – php Tut is a community for php masters. Find all the information, tips, tricks and tutorials on php here.

6. – provides web developers and webmasters an easy way to search, bookmark and share links to hot Ajax Scripts, Tools, Tutorials and Articles.

7. – Some Host Here is a community for web hosting companies, if you are looking for hosting deals then this is the best place to look out.

IT/Tech Professionals:

8. – Informed Networker is a social news site for Information Technology Professionals. It offers you to
share links to various websites.

9. – P2P Vine is a news site dedicated to technology of file sharing and P2P.

10. – MobilityBeat is a social networking community about mobile devices and technology. If you are looking for tips and tricks or how to make your mobile device work better then this is the right place.

11. – vIndianz is a citizen social networking community for students and professionals from around the world. Ever wanted to learn and have fun at the same time, vIndianz is just the place you were looking for.

12. – Macintoshr is a social networking community for Mac enthusiasts. Share and vote for your favorites Mac articles and news.

Hobby/Science Loving Professionals:

13. – This green social networking site dedicated to environment and earth. If you are a supporter of environment and feel pity for the situation we’re going in, then this is the place to say about it.

14. – Bio Wizard is a social networking site for medical and science enthusiasts. Share and vote for you favorite articles.

15. – Funniest Video is a social network community which allows you to share that funny video which makes you laugh when ever you watch it.

16. – A social networking community where you could share links of celebrity and of course their gossip.

17. – Dog Sniff is an incredible way to share your story about a courageous dog or a great recipe for doggie treats, share it with the world on Dog Sniff.

18. – Dig My Honda is a Web 2.0 community for the automotive enthusiast. Vote and share your favorite Honda rides, Videos, DIYs and articles.

19. – Kie Fit is a fitness social networking community. Find the best fitness resources here.

20. – PlaygroundBaby is a social networking community dedicated to finding the best things in life for your baby.

21. – If you are looking for some insights on spiritualism then this is the best social network site for you.

Hot Deals:

22. – Dealigg is a social network for people who are looking for hot deals, coupons and discount.

23. – What do you want give today? I Want To is a social networking site that offers you to give away your stuffs.

24. – Meme or Lame is a citizen media platform targeting to bring editors and readers close.

Country Specific Communities:

25. – Linka is a portal to news, information and interesting stories on the web from New Zealand.

26. – eBenTa is a Philippines social networking community for every filipino to post, share, discover, bookmark, and promote stuff that’s important.

27. – Indian Pad is a social networking community for Indians, which allows you to share and bookmark your own links.

28. – Babble Storm is a social networking community for British, to share, bookmark and vote for the important links.

29. – Chinamemes is a social networking community for China Technology News.

General Bookmarking:

30. – Add Your Favorites is a social bookmarking website that offers you to save your links online.