blog reviewsBlog reviews have become a good source of advertising and to obtain contextual links. Just getting reviews done by spammy blog networks is not good enough to improve your rankings. Rather, be very cautious to choose which blog you would go with. In the way, be sure to keep these six points in your mind before you consider any offer.

1. Are they indexed: Check how many pages are indexed on Google. Check which post was indexed recently. This would tell you when would your own review would get indexed and help in improving your rankings.

2. Do they actually have a PR: Check how many sites link to this blog. Does they actually have the amount of links to support their being high PR or are they using some tricks to fake the PR.

3. Which ones to go with: The best blogs are the blogs which offer unique content. Which don’t have the Pay Per Post tags all over. I’ve a feeling that these blogs might not get value in future. Google is becoming smart everyday and hence you should keep away from the blogs that have Pay Per Post tags.

4. Quantity of posts: Check how many posts does the blogger make in a day. Bloggers which make 10 posts daily are certainly the ones to keep away from. As after the 10 posts the page shifts to next page. Which would not give you full benefit. Daily 2-4 posts are good enough for me.

5. Quality of posts: Does the blogger writes a quality post. Does he actually know about your niche. If they don’t then how could they review your blog. You could help him out by telling him about your website and services so that it would be easier for him to write a review. On the other hand you could write your own review of your website and send them to it, well because who could know your site better than yourself?

6. Advice for bloggers: Check the price, think and rethink. Price anywhere from $10-$20 are the one to go with. Anything bigger might refrain people away from opting. Don’t make blog reviews the only source of your income. It’s an additional source, so keep it as an additional source.

Also note that, always go with varied anchor text links on blog reviews too. Just have the feeling that too much of identical anchor text links may get devalued. So it is highly recommended to use varied anchor text or synonyms.