social networkingI’ve noticed that people write content and just submit it to the all social media sites just to get a link from it. Well this helps a little but for a long run you must consider being more professional, rather than spamming those sites.

Social networking sites are very helpful, if you know how to go about it. When you find some good article you must consider to Digg it, Stumble it and save it in your bookmarks on, this is the basic step you must take when using social media sites.

You write a good article (well thats according to you), but you don’t get hot on the social media sites and hence don’t get the rewards you must receive. Just be cautious that you are not making these mistakes.

Link In and Out: I hope that you understand the power of linking in and out, Muhammad Saleem one of the top three diggers tell us about it.

i’ve realized certain benefits of linking out (beyond linking in or out just based on search engine algorithms and for seo purposes). by linking to other sources you can either use them to back up your own argument or provide your readers with another viewpoint to consider and come to their own conclusions. this helps your reputation as an author and makes you a more complete information source.

being socialUse Images: This is serious, you must use images in your blog posts. Make your blog a place which is helpful as well as a friendly place to be. Maki, of is a big fan of anime and uses it in his every blog post. It is his love for anime which has given him huge recognition, like a brand ambassador of anime.

Share Others Content: I’ve noticed that by sharing others content you make a mark on the readers and other big guns of social networks, that you are a good social networker. Simply sharing your own stories won’t give you benefits. I shared a few articles from few reputed blogs like of Darren Rowse and SEO Theory Blog of Michael Martinez, which gave me huge acknowledgement, all my four stories that I submitted went hot. This helps and you must use it. Well tell me, what would be the use if you submitted only your own stories and nobody votes for you. This is not socializing, rather this is spamming the network. Take out some time, vote for others share others content, do it repeatedly and you will get noticed, believe me. I did, so shall you!

First Is The Best: Be the first person to tell people about what you found in your niche. This may reward you with acknowledgement as well as recognized as a dedicated social geek. Make a review of some website, blog about the something ugly going online be creative just be sure not to provoke somebody’s sentiments!make friends

Make Friends: A friend in need is a friend indeed. What would be the meaning of socializing if you don’t have any friends? Make friendly relations with as many bloggers out there, they’ve come online to make friends, so are you! Commenting on blogs, linking to their articles and contacting them through emails could be few of the many ways to make friends.

Use Niche Specific Social Networking Sites: Using all the big social networking sites helps a lot, but many of the newbies may find it difficult to cope up with the mass on them. So, you must consider to use your niche specific social networking site. There are two benefits from it, first you get recognized fairly soon and second once your get noticed as a good social networker, you get acknowledged and considered as a helpful source of information.

Let People Know About Your Content: Once you write a link bait article, be sure to email or contact the persons who are included in your article. This is a good way to take their attention to your blog and you never know you may get a link from them too.

That wraps it up! If you continuously do the above stated points, then there is nothing in world which could stop you from being called as a Killer Link Baiter (as Andy Hagans) and rule your niche. Write articles, don’t be afraid and ashamed about your grammar or English, just write it. Your thirtieth article would be awesome and would give you huge returns that you always craved for, but to reach that thirtieth article you have to write your twenty nine articles first!