seo addictOne day I was writing an article and one of my friend’s came in to call me to go out with him to play. I told him to wait for a few minutes till I finish my “SEO” work! He was shocked to hear this and without any delay called me an “SEO Addict“. Wow this gave me a new idea of post and when I told him about this he was like. “Ahh! Come on Manish.” So this post is an inspiration from my friends Vikram, Saurabh, Anchal, Susheel, Manu and Dileep.

So without any further ado, here are those top 11 reasons which my friends say supports my addictiveness:

1. Check Rankings: When I come online, first thing I do is check my website’s rankings. Check my seo expert blog and seo company site where it ranks on

2. Check Emails: Next thing I do is go directly to check my emails for any new SEO announcements, news, or orders.

3. Check Google Analytics: Next I check Google Analytics to check my blog’s stats.

4. Visit Sphinn: I pay a visit to Sphinn, to check and read the latest popular stories and upcoming stories that are worth a read.

5. Visit Digg: I pay a visit to Digg, to check and read the latest popular stories and Digg friends through a feed reader.

6. Bookmark: I bookmark on or Stumble those stories which I liked over at Sphinn.

7. SEO Blogs: I then visit various SEO blogs that I like and bookmark or Stumble stories over there.

8. Brainstorm an Article Topic: I spend a few hours to think of an article topic. When I get a good topic to write I sit to write it on Notepad.

9. Linkworthy Article Search: The articles which I like, I usually write a Link Love post to show the love for them or include those article within my own articles.

10. Images: I search for pictures or make the pictures to include them in the article.

11. Publish: I publish the article.

…And this way I end up my successful day of writing.

Hmm…so come on and share with me do you hear similar comments?