Does just having an avatar similar to a top digger or an avatar of woman or perhaps shouting a story makes you a digg spammer?

First of all I would like to comment on only Greg’s personal thinking, and not on 10e20 blog, because I’m a great fan of that blog and especially Chris and Patrick (who is a good friend).

Now I would like to take your attention on few of his points as he mentioned in his post which he thinks makes a person Digg spammer.

1. Avatar: The avatar he shows was a peculiar one of a new digger, who is good. I was also shocked to see MrBabyMan’s avatar adding me twice (he’s already my mutual friend.) Upon a closer look anyone can see that he’s not actually MBM, rather he uses both MBM’s and msaleem’s avatar. Great work in my eyes. Had he been using only MBM’s avatar then you could say he is one stupid guy. So, that doesn’t make him a spammer!

Andy Saleem

2. Avatar of a busty woman: Well many of those people who uses a gal’s avatar, usually add “Male” or “Guy” in their profile. When did an avatar helped a person to promote a shitty article? So that doesn’t make them a spammer!

3. 400+ Friends: When did having 400+ friends made anyone a spammer? I’ve over 430+ friends, but never had more 70-100 friends at the start because it was really very tough to keep up with my friend’s submissions. Then when I started to hit more and more digg front page, more active diggers started to add me. That didn’t meant to remove those friends who helped me at the start. It wouldn’t be “loyalty.” I usually follow a procedure with my friend list, before I add anyone. So that doesn’t make me a spammer!

4. Shouting for a friend: First of all let me explain what actually a shout means in terms of digg. Digg itself has given an opportunity to it’s users to share articles which are good enough and needs to get noticed, and perhaps be promoted to the front page. I usually don’t like shouting myself, but do only when I see something worthy (in a week or two) or when a “friend asks me to shout.” What is social networking without helping your friends?

Shouting doesn’t mean that once shouted, the article will surely be promoted to the front page. It has become very hard to make it to the front page these days. Only “quality” content has a bit of a chance. So shouting doesn’t mean you are a spammer!

5,6,7 These are the kind of points which should be the ones to be considered anyone as a spammer. Agreed!

8. Threatening comment: Well many won’t do that, but as you Digg more and more, you will find that it’s certainly not of much importance to keep non-digging friends. So perhaps a threat comment is not a spam. I know that as I received it from a top 10 digger. So that doesn’t make you a spammer!

Threatening comment

9. Shouts to friends: There are many new diggers, who don’t get many diggs as they start new and only rely on shouts so that you could get few digg popular and achieve a reputation so that top diggers be-friend you. Yeah, top diggers or perhaps active diggers don’t be-friend you before they see you are an active digger, submit good content, have a few popular, I do it. So that doesn’t make you a spammer.

10, 11 are good points.

12. Digg all submissions: And why not? Then what is the meaning of social networking, if being a friend you don’t digg for me then who will. Everybody knows that a shitty content will never ever make it to the digg front page as it’s the community which decides which one to digg and which one to bury. Friend votes are only to help you to get to the top and get your story noticed and increase your chances to go popular if your article is good. So that doesn’t make you a digg spammer!

13. Haven’t looked at the Digg front page: I don’t know how many do that but yeah if anybody does that he could be a spammer.

14. Shout feature to add links of other stories: I know this one particular top digger and a few more who do that regularly. Just to get people’s attention if they missed their submissions. So that doesn’t make them a spammer!

15. Number in your profile: I don’t know if that would be a spammer because I had been banned by digg on an occasion when me and my friend used the same IP to use digg. I am the same guy and so is he difference is I’ve a separate connection now. No comment on this one. Let the community decide.

16. Shout with “digg/comment/share”: Again it is commonly seen by new users. How would they make you a spammer?

17. You shorten “For A Friend” in your shouts: And again…

18 this one is a good point.

19. Send link to fans: And why not? One thing that fans must keep in mind and never forget is before adding an active digger or perhaps a top digger you should, must, ought (make it a habit) to digg their submissions. That way you will come in their eyes, and increase your chances to be mutual friends. So that doesn’t make a valid point.

20. Instant Messenger: This has become a very powerful tool in the hands of digger these days. As the digg is becoming smart, diggers are becoming smarter. Almost everybody, including the top diggers use this feature to promote their stories, does that make them a spammer? I guess not!

21. Spelling errors: That usually happens when the submitter is very quick to submit his article, in a fear not to duplicate it. Don’t know saving a duplicate is a spam or making an error is a spam.

Spelling errors

22, 23, 24 valid points.

25. Crazy characters to gain attention: People use this to gain attention, as the thing which matters the most is the digg title, because it’s the first thing which gets the attention, main article is second.

26. Incorrect stories: An article about “Comedy Hollywood Movies” could be placed on any of the two categories, comedy or movies. So, you can either submit it to the comedy or movies, unknowingly!

27, 28, 29 are good points.

30. Username with “digg” in it: What the heck! How could that be called as a spammer..LOL. I’m not sure if he wanted to say that using “digg” in a username makes a person brand ambassador of digg or a member of digg developer team. Hence giving them an extra feature of getting anything they submit to the digg’s front page.

31. You shout but don’t accept shouts: I don’t know how many people would do that. That’s simply lame. And would be sure spammer!

32. Using twitter/pownce to promote: I don’t know how many do that, but this could be taken as an IM which many people usually do to promote their stuffs.

33. Didn’t get this point.

34, 35 good points.

36. Can’t remember a story without promoting it via IMs: Yeah if they can’t they sure are spammers! But they surely can’t live long on digg.

37. Wow that was a good picture. Hope they are not from the same IP.


Out of his 37 points I agreed to only 18 of his points and couldn’t understand 1. So rather than putting those 18 crap points had he put only 18 valid points, this list would have been awesome and could have made it to the front page (digg community doesn’t like bad things spoken about them and by the way who does?)