21 blogging tips for year 2008
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The Year 2007 was dedicated to blogging, the year 2008 will also be following the similar trend. Blogging is very necessary if you want to build a brand or if you want to take advantages of SEO.

Following is a list of 21 useful Blogging Tips that will make things a lot easier for you this year.

1. Solve a Problem With Your Blog: When starting a blog be sure about what it would be going to contain, what niche you would be targeting, and how would you promote it. Then get a memorable domain name for your blog, such that people find is easy to remember. Writing posts around a niche is very important as, no one can write things about everything. If you target a particular niche you will achieve greater success. You could always start with another niche once your first one succeeds.

2. Make Unique Titles and Description: Use this handy plugin for WordPress blog called, All in one SEO Pack. Make your blog posts title and description unique. This way you are also providing search engines to easily crawl you. Google now seems to index pages within an hour!

3. Write Killer Titles: Brian Clark over at Copyblogger.com is an expert in doing so. His article How to Write a Killer “How To” Article That Gets Attention, is one of the popular article among bloggers who want to learn his techniques.

4. Write Unique and Great Content: Unique and Quality content is very important for any blo’s success. It helps increase your readership and makes your blog stand out from others. If you keep writing killer titles with unique content, sooner or later you will achieve the respect from the community and get huge applaud.

5. Be Simple and Precise: Write in plain and simple English. People have come online to get their problems solved, if they find it difficult to communicate then the problem is still not solved.

6. Use Humor: Who doesn’t love humor? Using humor in your articles will help you in making long term relationships with your visitors, which is necessary for your success.

7. Use Images: There are so many blogs out there, what are you giving your visitors other than, what is already available? Images helps in separating you from the crowd. It not only makes your blog posts look better, you make a mark on th visitor as a professional blogger.

8. Keep the Template Clean: Running to many ads within the posts is not a good idea. This will surely make your visitors feel bad and make it difficult for them to go through it. I am not a big fan of running Google adsense within posts, that looks ugly. Keeping it clean help you look like a professional blogger.

9. Write Consistently: If you are not dedicated enough to write consistently, then you are surely going nowhere in blogging. The chief purpose of blogs are to provide fresh content instantly. Make it a habit to write at least 5 times a week when you are new and you could increase the frequency when you grow. Darren Rowse at Problogger.net writes at least 3 articles a day, this is the reason why he is so respected in blogging arena.

10. Link In and Out: I hope that you understand the power of linking in and out, Muhammad Saleem one of the top three diggers tell us about it.

i’ve realized certain benefits of linking out (beyond linking in or out just based on search engine algorithms and for seo purposes). by linking to other sources you can either use them to back up your own argument or provide your readers with another viewpoint to consider and come to their own conclusions. this helps your reputation as an author and makes you a more complete information source.

So, link to others, even if they are your biggest competitors. Top guns are very generous, your link to them, has a very little value but if they link to you, it’s like a gold mine.

11. Have an Introduction Page: Interacting with your visitors is a very popular technique to keep them busy on your blog. Having an Introduction page does just that. This page is meant to get the introduction of your visitors and help them to get used to the environment around your blog.

12. Share your Opinions or Finding Often: People come online to get a solution to their problem. If you are able to solve the problem, then you are definitely some one whom I would love to believe and talk about.

13. Show your Top 10 Popular Posts: Put up a list of your Top Blog Posts some where in your template. This will keep you visitors busy reading your best work.

14. Show Related Posts: Use this simple to manage Relate Post plugin for WordPress. This shows 5 posts related to the one you just wrote.

15. Always Backup Once a Day: You must have a backup system, which backs up your database, tables etc so that if something goes wrong with your blog you don’t have to be in any awkward situation.

16. Comment on Other’s Blog: Commenting on blogs could help build your online reputation as well as help increase traffic to your blog. Your comments on blogs will make you popular as a dedicated individual who cares for the community, so community will care for you. This is the way every newbie blogger starts his campaign, I did it and here I’m, in front of you!

17. Reply to Comments Regularly: When a comment comes on your blog posts, it’s very necessary that you reply to each comment as far as possible. This helps you making in on-going relation with your blog visitors and persuades them to pay a re-visit.

18. Blog Networks: Once you succeed with you one blog you could always think to start another blog around some other niche. Like Daniel has done with Daliy Blog Tips, Daily Writing Tips and Daily Bits.

19. Syndicate RSS: If you want to increase your readership, you must syndicate your blog’s RSS. When you write a new article people know about it, if they like it they will surely pay a visit to your website. This increases your readership and draws people to re-visit often.

20. Trackbacks: We’re living in a world of Web 2.0, you could keep track to your links simply by viewing your trackbacks. So, when you link to other’s content they know that you have linked to them. If they like your article they might reward you with a link or alternatively they might submit it to Social Networking Sites for you.

21. Tagging: This is another Web 2.0 tool that helps in categorizing your blog posts. Blog search engines like Technorati, Techmeme etc use these tags to show your blog posts. So tagging is definitely one of the most important tool in blogging.

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