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Shana got herself mentioned on was one thing that any new blogger would love to want. What she was doing correctly, I failed to do a single one!

I am a hard core fan of Digg. So, didn’t looked much to any other place. Other than Sphinn and vIndianz. But one fine day I saw this post from Kalena which crashed her site, I decided to move on!

1. Profile Picture: I didn’t had my profile picture on, the one I use on other social media sites! This made difficult for my friends around in StumbleUpon to track me. The day I changed my profile picture I got 8 new friends.

2. About Page: I didn’t update my about page! Seriously I was so dumb that I didn’t get the time to update my about page, which is so important for new people to befriend me.

3. Review: I didn’t review any body! Ahh…this was again a big mistake made by me. People say give as many people what they want and they will give you what you want! I reviewed few people and in return got reviewed back. It was that simple.

4. Friends: I didn’t add anybody to my friend list! I didn’t know the power of StumbleUpon so didn’t bother to network. But now, I’ve setup a network of friends which is growing. Don’t forget to add me in your network.

5. Stumbles: Most of all, I didn’t Stumble many! I only used StumbleUpon to keep a few bookmarks and never looked at it as a social media giant, but now, I know the power of StumbleUpon and look forward to be more involved.

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