Digg and MeSo, I now have cracked the front page of Digg for a couple of times, and I’ve a great feeling. I managed to get many stories get more than 100+ votes but with the new Digg algo, it’s really hard to get the stories to reach out to the millions who visit digg to get their updates, daily. If you have a solid quality content, then yes you’re going to feel the digg effect!

To best understand digg better, one must keep in mind the 10 Digger Commandments to become a solid digg user. What it explains to you is that, if you be good to others the same will happen with you. You digg others so shall others will digg you!

Unless you’re doing things that pisses off diggers, a little shady and dirty, you can become one of the better diggers and put a helping hand for the community to grow. Let’s face it digg, is a community and you wouldn’t want to make the community feel bad for you. Make friends, help others and always show your gratitude to your friends. Well this is what social networking is all about.

I’m listing the top 5 things that you ought to do, if you want to see any success with Digg.

  1. Get Around The Community: First of all, get used to the community. Check out the stories best diggers are submitting and the sites that are making to the front page, often. Make it a habit to digg, the top diggers and come in their notice. Once you are noticed by the best, they will add you as a friend and others will by default, be-friend you. A good analysis of top 100 digg users is made by Glen Allsop.
  2. Make Friends: Next step, involves a major step of adding friends that share a common interest and provide value to you. Here is a what I do when I add new friends on Digg. Find people who are easily available to you when you need them. Add them to your instant messenger or get their permission to email them anytime you need help. Many of the diggers will be more than happy to permit you to send anything if you need their help. It is a fine community, with the best people from around the world.
  3. Digg Your Friends: Well you could call this as the most important step. Make it a habit to digg your friends who help you out when you need them, so it’s your duty to help them out. Share their stuffs with other friends and they will like you, in return they may share your stuffs if you ask them. Don’t forget to thank them for helping you out. Ok?
  4. Get a Feed Reader: It becomes quite hectic to digg if you have 100s of friends. To make the above task simpler and yet enjoyable, you can download the best feed software from Newsgator, called as FeedDemon. I use it, many diggers use it. One more thing that FeedDemon does for you is, you can also get the latest stories right on your FeedDemon window, as soon as they come out and gives you a chance to submit it before anybody else submits it. Be sure to be quick enough coz there are thousands of diggers who are always looking for cool, hot, amazing stories.
  5. Presence On Other Social Media Sites: My presence on other social media sites like StumbleUpon, Propeller, Mixx, Reddit, Sphinn and Twitter also helped me to find more friends who share a common interest. They helped me to understand the process of Social Networking and I’m glad I learned a lot.

It would be clear by now, that digg is not hard to crack, when you know how to do it. Top diggers do it everyday, so can you. Follow these above tips and you may find it helpful when going out to build solid digg profile.

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