diggIn a community based website such as Digg, everyone craves their submissions on the front page. Here are 5 very important points I would appraise before adding you on my friend’s list so that adding you may prove contributive to my popularity and help me crack, the front page on Digg.

1. When did you join Digg and for how long you are active?
The first thing I would want to know is that how long you have been on Digg to evince that you are an active Digger and make sure that adding you on my friend’s list would insinuate more Diggs to my submissions.

digg join

2. How active you are on Digg?
While adding any new contact one thing that everyone has in his mind is that how am I going to profit from it? Now that is an obvious question! I would anticipate my contacts to be highly active on Digg so that I could expect higher Diggs from them.

digg active

I would query through your past records and leap through your Diggs and Submissions. Now say if I see that you have made 7 submissions and 50 Diggs in the past 48 hours then I would certainly add you on my list as this would affirm higher Diggs to my submissions.

On the other hand if you have 40 submissions and 40 Diggs it would imply that you are only privy to Digging your own posts! Thus, adding you on my list would not be much consequential. Then why would I want to add you on my list?

3. You have shouts or instant messenger open or not?
The availability of shouts or instant messenger on your account will enable me to send my submissions to you (even though I hardly bother to shout about my submissions). Timeliness are an important consideration in such sites. Let’s say if I post an article today but am not able to send shouts or message you about my submissions to my friends. If they are not very active Diggers my post will not have plenteous Diggs and would lose its popularity and chances to hit the front page.

digg instant messenger

Further I would also scrutinize the kind of stories you share. If you share negative stories and your posts are more often “buried” than “dugg” I would surely not be enthusiastic to add you on my list. You frame a negative impression through your posts and having you on my list I might share the same impact.

4. How many mutual friends do we have?
Mutual friends are the friends who you and the person whose profile you are viewing, are both a friend of.

If Sid is one of my friends on Digg. Now you send me a friend request on Digg, I view your profile and find Sid on your friends list too then I’m likely to add you as a friend.

digg mutual friends

Having mutual friends is an advantage on social networking sites where you need to have a growing network of friends. Larger number of friends procreates aggrandized chances of getting your posts more Diggs. Increased number of Diggs leads to? I bet you know that!

5. A familiar username or avatar!
Suppose you send a friend request to me on Digg and I am familiar with your name (or avatar) from some other social networking site such as, StumbleUpon, del.icio.us, reddit or Sphinn, I would definitely want to add you on my network of friends.

digg familiar username

If your username is familiar to me through some other social media site it would incorporate trust. If yours is a well known name in social networking, firstly it would mean you are an active member and you already have a far-flung network of friends. Adding you on my friends list would ensure augmentation of my network too.

Secondly, if you are active on social networking sites you are a well recognized name and therefore having you in my contacts would build an affinity of people towards me and it would have a positive effect on my image in social media.