Dear sir,

This is to bring in your kind notice that, I’m Manish Pandey from India, an Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession and an SEO by passion. I wanted to take your notice to a recently published article by Laura Melahn, of Google Analytics Team, who has linked out to here in this post without the “nofollow” attribute. Now what I wanted to point out here is that, isn’t that link passing the PageRank of Google Analytics Blog, which happens to be a PR7 blog. That link alone would have made the site outrank 1000s of sites in their niche.

Quoted from your post:

There’s no disclosure inside these entries whether these posts are paid, nor do the posts use the nofollow attribute or some other mechanism so that search engines aren’t affected.

With all the paid links penalty, and sites getting removed from the index I’m unable to understand this act. Well if only writing a few paragraph about Google Analytics (which is really an awesome tool) could bring me a link from that blog, then I could write a whole lot, for all my websites, and benefit the power and authority of Google’s Blog.

So kindly look into this matter as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Manish Pandey