seo expertFor many years I’ve been seeing Brad Fallon to hold the #1 ranking for the term seo expert, but today I found that he had lost the ranking to The reason why this is a big achievement because Brad’s site had achieved an authority status for the keyword seo expert, but yet it dropped from the rankings. So, one thing is clear that even the authority domain could be beaten up in rankings. Just don’t worry and do your work which you believe is the best.

I’m ranking #3-#4 for the term seo expert india depending on which data center you hit, and wish to rank for “seo expert” too. Lets see when I could crack the front page.

A lookup on the two websites:
Yahoo IBLs: 9927
Google Site Search: 750
Google PageRank: 5

Yahoo IBLs: 16,856
Google Site Search: 540
Google PageRank: 4

Update: Well I can see the site back on the top spot with all the site links.
SEO Expert

PS: I would also like to update you about the seocontest2008, it is a good feeling to see the post rising on the google. It’s on the 6th page right now and improving. Well without any much effort it is ranking pretty well and I’m happy about it. Only a couple of days are left before the contest concludes. Support me!