Curriculum Pita - SEO ChallengePhoto by: Carlos Porto

SEOmoz, one of the best place for SEOs to hang around, are seeking for an exceptional SEO to join their team. What they want from you is to rank your LinkedIn profile for “curriculum pita” without the quotes. One of my very good friends, Gab is taking part in this challenge just for fun and I would like to help him here by linking his profile. All the best Gab!

Following him, I am also taking part in this challenge just for fun! Just to make sure there are more than a single applicant. Umm…perhaps we both are not an applicant, just nerds!

Quoting SEOmoz:

1. Make your LinkedIn profile page rank #1 for “curriculum pita” at Google
2. Ignore Step 1 (logically, this would mean we only got a single applicant, and that would be sad)

Wish you all the best SEOmoz Team that you find an exceptional SEO.