Digital Web Solutions

I have been busy with loads of stuff lately. Writing for blogs like Dumb Little Man and Search Engine People, then analyzing the Digg’s recent changes.

A few days ago I got a call from one of my very good friends Vaibhav Kakkar who runs a big company, named Digital Web Solutions and asked me to come over to his office to discuss about the biggest Internet Marketing Meet we are planning to host next year (tell you what we had already spoken on a number of occasions but never got an opportunity to meet…LOL)

So, this time it was not to happen. I paid a visit to his office and we talked about the latest happenings in the world of search (yeah we are nerds.) We were having coffee and he asked me what were my plans for the future. I told him first I need a secured job, where I shall be working for like 1-2 years and then will plan about the future. He asked me if I could join his office, “Wow! That would be cool!” I said. And now, I am the Chief Operating Officer at Digital Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I love this profile and I love my job! There are very few people who get an opportunity to do what they love. I can proudly say, “I am one of them!”

Vaibhav shot a few pictures of me at my new office, hope you would like them:

Manish Pandey at his new office
This is me in my chamber. (Yeah I’ve put some weight but then what is the use if you lived at your home for three months without enjoying there! hehe.)

Office Work Place:
Office work place
This is the office work place. This is one huge place really like the environment here and the people are so smart!

The Sofa:
The Sofa
Come visit my office to be a proud guest to sit on “The Sofa.”