Wordpress Theme

My friends like it but I’m looking for some more impressive wordpress theme. I hacked this theme and made it to work like me. Which I really like about this one. But again you got to move ahead with better options.

The one which I’ve in my mind to go for is one from Brian, the Vertigo theme. Looks decent with good color combination. Lets see when I get the time to upload it and hack it to make it work according to me.

The reason I’m thinking to change this theme is that, it doesn’t align well on IE6. Many people here in India still use Internet Explorer and hence don’t see the blog, the way it is meant to. They don’t know the power and ease of FireFox. The reason people use IE is because it comes bundled with the windows operating system, and they kind of don’t see the pleasure of using other browsers. I’m really a big fan of FireFox!

So the question now passes to you my readers, do you like this theme? Or shall I change it and use another theme, please guide me to some good theme, free or premium.