World without engineersHmm…So finally I can call myself as an official Electronics and Communication Engineer. My last semester exams got over a couple of days back and I’m once again free to do things that interests me more, and for the thing for which I’m passionate about.

A Vote of thanks to all my respective faculties who believed in me and helped me when ever I got stuck with any thing. Be it the practical works, understanding a concept or some management task. LOL

I would like to especially thank a few who changed my life. The first name is of our Head Of Department, Mr. Satyendra Sharma, who helped me in every way he could. One incident I remember is that there was checking going on in the hostel for students who bunked classes and stayed in the hostel. I didn’t know about the “raid” and was came back to the hostel after attending the classes till lunch (I usually didn’t bunked classes hehe.) The moment I got inside the hostel from the back door, I saw the checking team along with Sharma sir, he asked me where I was coming from, I, didn’t know from where I replied that I was gone to drink water. Then Sharma sir told me to go back to the college and attend the class. Phew that day I escaped with a whisker. And from that day onwards he became my hero. I knew if anything goes wrong with me there is one person who is always there to support.

Then it’s, Mr. R.R. Pandey. Even though I didn’t get a chance to study from him, he holds my sincere gratitude. He helped me in any way he could. He gave me the maximum marks that any student could get, and I’m really thankful to him.

One name that I really can’t forget is Mr. Jai Singh. Our Network and Analysis faculty who treated every student like his younger brother. This was the reason he was so famous among the students and every one loved him. One thing I remember he was very fond of was, to give maximum marks to quite a lot of students. He even got warning from the Management about this activity. The only thing I’m sorry about is that we couldn’t help him when he needed us the most. WE ARE REALLY SORRY SIR! But sir if you are reading this, please believe me that you still reside in our hearts and will always be.

The next one on my list is Ms. Arpana Vats. She was our Professional Communications faculty. She was very nice and always told me to do creative things. She was the one who motivated me to do things out of the box. Not to be involved in a “rat race”.

Then comes the name of Mr. Ashish Srivastava, a very good person at heart and was like my elder brother. He was the one who made me re-think about my life. At one stage, I was like what will I do, once my final year gets over. Should I join, Keane and leave my passion? What will happen if I don’t do good? These were the kind of questions that creped me. He with a gentle smile told me to do whatever you “love”, and the rest will follow. And I’m glad I did!

There are many others who have helped me, supported me in any way they could. So, I’m mentioning their names as a vote of thank (even though a small thanks is nothing for what they did for me.) Mr B.S. Chauhan, Mr. Rajesh, Mrs. Minakshi Katoch, Mrs. Rubeena Shahin, and Mr. Amit Mirshra.

Thank you all, for your love and support! I’ll really miss you…..