Google pagerank updateA good news, my blog is now a PR4! It was stuck on PR3 for a long time. I expected a PR5 but never mind. Many would say PR has nothing to do today! For me it’s a good showoff thing. This was the toolbar update, there was an update in december which just blew the SEO world. It penalized many SEO bloggers for selling paid reviews. There was a good discussions about it everywhere, even I had one cool discussion here.

A PageRank update takes place every three months, but this time it was a little too fast! Lets hope that everyone had a good update.

Well many of my friends say that this was my one month hard work that I did from home when I was at my home. That was the time I got into TopRank’s Big List, one of the accomplishment I highly admire! At the same time I found few good friends from SEO world, like Jeff, Tad, Kalena, Kimberly, Prashant Vikram and social media rock stars like Tal, Muhammad, Maki, Tamar, Shana and Kirsten. Love you all!

I’m competing in two seo contests, cheeni climate and seocontest2008, wish me luck that I win.

How was the update for you? Share it with us, and let us know what you did for this.