fast and furiousWe used to talk about How to get indexed in Google in as small time as 24-48 hours, here I’m seeing a much lower time and faster indexing. From the past few days, I’ve been noticing that Google is indexing post of this blog very fast, as fast as within 50 minutes of publishing it. I’ve to admit with the fine advancements in their algorithm, Google engineers are making a very good search engine. Which is free from crap. With the recent deletion of Supplemental Indexed Pages, we’ll now only see pages that are good enough to be put in the main index.

My Top 11 Link Baiting Guides post got indexed with the least time only 50 minutes of hitting the publish button. Link Love article got indexed in 54 minutes, Top 10 Proven Tips to Increase Traffic to your Blog post got indexed in 54 minutes, Best Internet Marketing & SEO Blog Posts of year 2007 post got indexed in 53 minutes. Well I’m still not sure if they were indexed before. I’ll keep am eye upon it and will let you know.

If you guys are also seeing such kind of fast indexing please share it here.

Update: Link Love – Thursday 01/03/2008 got indexed in 30 minutes. Will keep on checking to see if I could get it even faster than that.

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