Google PageRankEvery now and then I keep coming across posts asking How to Increase Google PageRank and if it is important for search engine rankings? To give a simple and short answer, NO, it is not!

Why should you be worried about that green rectangle bar, when there are so many other factors. Google PageRank Died long ago, and when Google started to penalize sites it became obsolete.

Forget PageRank, what you should be more interested about is traffic to your blog or website. SEO is one of the most important ways that is used to increase traffic to your website, but that being said it’s not the be all end all process to bring in traffic. The Internet Marketing world has taken a total U-turn, with the increasing spam and Google has done pretty good to stop it. There are several different ways to increase traffic to your website.

The goal that you should have in your minds is that to get your name out there in everybody’s finger tips. The most of the business to any company comes from a referrer. Make new friends in your niche, who are as keen as you to socialize. Don’t worry about competition, both of you will not get the call from the same company.