SEO Expert Manish PandeySo, after a long time of hard work, I’ve finally reached #2 rank for the term, seo expert, right next to Brad Fallon, who has held this position for quite some time now. Let’s see if anyone could outrank him.

How did you manage it, Manish?
Hmm…it was not an easy task. You got to be called an SEO addict to achieve that rankings…hehe…Jokes apart, a few things I would like to share that has helped me to achieve this position are:

1. Solid Link Building: I got solid links from industry specific top sites like, TopRank Blog,,,, 10e20 Blog, Learning SEO Basics,, etc. Thank you all for your help and support!

2. Solid Social Media Presence: I got many many solid social media friends, like Jeff Quipp, Maki, Muhammad, Tal Siach, Tad, Prashant, Kalena, Tamar, Kimberly, Shana, Kirsten really love you all! So, that helped me to get the articles going on the social media circle, and gain more link love from bloggers.

Update: 05/05/2008

Rashmi Ranjan, took my attention to his new findings, that Google has to say something else…

Seo expert manish

Anybody could duplicate this success and achieve what ever they aim for. So, go on and make a happy blogging life.