Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google’s Webmaster Central now gives an SEO starter guide. A really basic and simple guide but yet very useful and more over a trust from the Google itself.

Main Points Covering The SEO Guide:

1. Difference between organic and paid search results.
2. Advice on writing unique page titles.
3. Use of meta=”description” tag.
4. Search engine friendliness of URLs.
5. Easy navigation.
6. Offer quality content and services.
7. Write better content.
8. Using heading tags appropriately.
9. Optimizing the use of images with alt=”…” text.
10. Make effective use of robots.txt file.
11. Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links.
12. Promoting in right ways like blogging about new content and services, offline promotion, social media promotion, Google’s local business, networking with people in a similar industry that of yours.
13. Make use of Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Live Search Webmaster Tools.
14. Take advantage of web analytics services.
15. Helpful resources for webmasters.