google pagerank to increase rankingsWhile surfing around the various websites, I happened to visit which keeps track of the Top SEO companies around the world. I was going through those Top SEO companies when I stuck to this page on, which clearly says

“Build PR or Page Rank on Google which moves your site higher in the rankings”.

I would like to ask you, when did PageRank had to do with rankings. I mean come on, you are the Top SEO company ranked by the people who keep a keen eye upon various SEO companies, and you are talking about building PageRank, which has no importance to rankings.

We all know PageRank Died long time ago, and has nothing to do with rankings. There are so many examples of sites that have low PR and rank for the toughest keywords. For examples Phoenix a PR3 site ranks #10 for “seo blog”, SEO MegaCorp a PR2 site ranks #16 for “seo company”, Courtney Turtle a PR4 site ranks #10 for “internet marketing”. These are just to show you all that PR is not important for rankings. It’s anchor text links from good quality sites, which are important for ranking top on search engines, but be sure to vary the anchor text you use. Google loves naturally grown links, if you vary your anchor text links it will look natural.

Example of an Anchor text?
< a href="">Manish Pandey< /a>
Here Manish Pandey, is the anchor text. (The white space is to show the code.)

Moral of the Post:
PR is dead, Quality anchor text link lives!