experienced seoThe past few weeks had been very exhausting for me. I received a lot of emails and phone calls from people to do SEO work for them. I wasn’t able to make up mind if I’ll be doing work as an seo freelancer or an in-house seo expert. I talked to many professionals who are involved in this business from foreign as well as in the country about this matter of concern. What I found is that in-house SEO could count good if the company is good and of course the salary package is great!

In a recent phone call I heard from the caller that We’re sorry! There was some misunderstanding about your profile and please forward your resume to us. Now, the thing which I wanted to share is that before analyzing anyone, one should always do their own research. It’s simply not difficult to find an SEO professional online. Just a small search about him/her on Google will provide you with immense data.

Talking about work experience, well every people learns things from their experiences in life. I’ve learned quite a lot of thing in my life, personal as well as professional and there is still a lot to learn to achieve what I dream!

So, I thought to update my profile and include the information that would be useful for such people!

Now, the question passes on to you my valued readers, how experienced are you?