I just took part in the seo contest organized by Srishti 2008 to see if I could rank for the term cheeni climate, within a week. Well I did and stood #1! The official announcements are still to be made, so you could call this as an un-official announcement what I found on the Google.com. The motive was to rank for the term cheeni climate and I did it fair enough!

What Did We Learn From This SEO Contest?
Well I thought to post a complete article discussing this issue, but for just an outline I could say that Google has now become fairly knowledgeable to see a site and the links pointing to it. I linked to the page http://mpind007.googlepages.com from my this SEO Expert Blog and SEO MegaCorp News Blog. Both these blogs are fairly trusted by Google. So it was quite easy for Google to see the page to be worth the top spot.

What Next?
I’ve also took part in the seocontest2008, to see if I could do well there too. Just keeping my fingers crossed!

Final Words: Wish me luck guys and link to the seocontest2008 entry post from your blogs/sites if you want to see a friend winning. Thanks!

Update – 03/07/2008: The official announcements are out now. You can find the results on the Official Contest Page.