You might say there are many more, but these five are the ones I like. There is a big chance that I haven’t been to many Indian blogs except for the few places I go and comment, it really is a very big database LOL. Please add your blogs in the comment section to get included. Yeah if I like your blog, I’ll include it.

1. Mani Karthik’s Blog: A blog by Mani Karthik.

2. Prashant Vikram Singh. A blog by Prashant Vikram Singh.

Prashant Vikram Singh

3. Praveen Kodur’s Blog. A blog by Praveen Kumar Kodur on Internet marketing.

Praveen Kodur

4. Saptarshi’s Blog. A blog by Sptarshi Roy Chaudhury.

Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

5. Ankit Rawat. A blog by Ankit Rawat.

Ankit Rawat