link love friday 01/04/2008Link Love posts are the ones that is meant to spread this blog’s link love to bloggers that help the community grow and make better place to be. Bloggers are working so hard to provide useful resource, if they don’t get link love and applause then I feel it’s pretty unfair on our parts. This also helps in providing our blog visitors with useful content which they might miss otherwise.

Today in Link Love:

Skellie at wrote a very interesting article 7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic, where he describes the kind of blog posts that never fails to get links and traffic. You must consider to duplicate these strategies.

Kalena, got her fisrt success with social networking sites, My first social media induced server crash. This post once again confirms the high deliver ability of social networking sites. If you apply few points to increase your blog traffic, then you could also achieve this success.

Sebastian comes up with his experiments with robots.txt file, in his My plea to Google – Please sanitize your REP revamps, where he explains exhaustively what actually is robots.txt, and at the same time requests the Google team to sanitize it.

Skellie, comes up yet again with an interesting article on The Web’s Best Content Has One Thing in Common, which describes about the common trend that one could apply to achieve success in blogging.

Patrick has posted an article about The Google algorithm isn’t changing and hasn’t gone awry, which is a reply back to TechCrunch and Mashable that Google is not changing it’s algo.

Rocai of Bloggingmix comes up with a very interesting article Why It Is Better To Network With Non Probloggers, where he explains why you should network with non-probloggers, this will benefit you by making a small network of your own, and maybe in future you could get picked by the probloggers.

Maki of has written a nice article about How An Advice Column Can Help Your Blog Get More Loyal Readers, which is a wonderful thinking of Maki. This would also help you in increasing return visits to your blog, as your visitors are getting some values in it.

Over at SEO MegaCorp, Prashant comes yet again with an article How to Use Social Media for SEO?, where he explains why it is necessary to apply the techniques of Social Media Optimization.

Over at NorthxEast, comes an interesting article, How to Leverage the Power of Social Media to Market Your Blog, which explains how you could market you log using social media sites.

Sarah explains blog comment marketing with her article, An introduction to blog comment marketing. Few very good points there. Must read!

Over at Pittfall, there comes an article, “Don’t Be Evil” – Philosophy, Corporate Culture or Inventive Perception?, which explains the strategy Google applies.