link love thursdayLink Love posts are the ones that is meant to spread this blog’s link love to bloggers that help the community grow and make better place to be. Bloggers are working so hard to provide useful resource, if they don’t get link love and applause then I feel it’s pretty unfair on our parts. This also helps in providing our blog visitors with useful content which they might miss otherwise.

Today in Link Love:

Peter Da Vanza starts his New Year with an interview with Queen Of Links – Debra Mastaler Interview, where she talks about what is necessary for link building in the year 2008.

Maki, of comes up with an awesome post, 16 Effective Strategies to Expand Your Blog’s Reach in 2008, where he discusses the key points that is necessary to expand you blog and take it to the next level.

The one thing many people are still not sure about is the use of social networking sites in Internet Marketing, Jake comes up with an interesting article that describes Why Social Marketing is Critical to the Internet Marketing Mix. This is a very good article which you must read and keep in handy when persuading a client to use social media.

Over at, Aaron finds some filter and writes an interesting article, Google Ranking #6 Penalty / Filter, to let us know about it. He even wants to know if you had any such kind of ranking drop.

As was promised by Danny, he brings a full stats on SEL’s success with the post Search Engine Land Stats: 2007, In Review. Here he shows what all posts were a success and from where the highest traffic come. You could also duplicate Danny’s success by following the trends he has.

I got a list of Top 11 Link Baiting Guides that Everybody Ought to Read, for people who want to learn the tactics of link baiting. Link baiting has become a vital part in link building and when in a competitive niche this is the way to go.

When planning for a blog expansion, it is very necessary to you hire few professional writers for you, so that you blog is never short of content. If you fail to deliver good quality content, your readership may suffer. Darren Rowse of comes up with this unique article More on Hiring People To Write For You, that describes how to go about hiring people to write for you. A must read if you really want to succeed online.

Jill Whalen, wrote an interesting article on SEL, about How SEO Has Evolved Over The Years, where she describes what all has changed ever since SEO was just spamming the search engines.

Dave of comes up with an article Big Algo Change at Google – the Hype and the Help, with his peculiar tone for making a hype of Google’s algo change.

Over at, Shaun posts an article The Unethical SEO Company Handbook – 11 Quick Tips, which describes how an unethical SEO company can cheat you.

Pablo Palatnik, posts an article Online Marketing Predictions for 2008, and shares his views on Online Marketing in 2008.

Mark posts an article Be Genuine First, Being Remarkable Will Follow, where he explains how you could be genuine and become remarkable along way.

Raven explains Why Temporary Paid Links Suck, with an uncanny voice of his.