link love tuesdayLink Love posts are the ones that is meant to spread this blog’s link love to bloggers that help the community grow and make better place to be. Bloggers are working so hard to provide useful resource, if they don’t get link love and applause then I feel it’s pretty unfair on our parts. This also helps in providing our blog visitors with useful content which they might miss otherwise.

Today in Link Love:

Darren comes up yet again with an interesting article Don’t Just Have a Blog – Learn to Think Like a Blogger, where he explains how to enjoy blogging and come up with new ideas about blogging.

Over at Collective-Thoughts, Brian comes up with I’m the TitleStarter, Twisted TitleStarter, where he describes about how one could achieve greater degree of attention in social media.

Chirs Winfield, over at SEL writes about 10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success In 2008 and gives 20 surefire steps to success in social media this year!

Over at Redfly Marketing, Jennifer Marttern writes about A Press Release is NOT a PR Campaign, and explains what a PR is and how important it could be to your business.

SEO chick, Julie writes What Will We Do When Searchers Get Smarter? An article which explains what we’ll be doing when searchers get smarter.

Over at SEOmoz, Maria writes about Diagrams That Can Help You Define the Proper Anchor Text of Internal Links, and describes explicitly what is anchor text and internal links.

Patrick over at, shows that The Digg auto bury algorithm has changed, and now you don’t need to worry about it.

Mark Jackson over at SEW, gives his advice to newbie SEO with his article Yes, Virgin SEO, There is no Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking, which is yet again the clarity of myths that many SEOs put on clients that rankings are guaranteed.

Over at, Mark has Ten Questions – Interview With Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, where Darren shares his future plans and how did all this started.

Over at, comes a good article about Linkbait 2.0: Focus More On Repeat Visitors and Long-Term Links, which explains why repeat visitors are good linkers.

Marshall of has written Ten Common Objections to Social Media Adoption and How You Can Respond, where he explains how to cope with social media objections.

Claran, of writes The Magic Penny Of Giving Content Away, where he explains how writing at SEOmoz gave him huge acclamation in the SEO web.

Gyutae Park, of WinningTheWeb tell us how one could take advantage of interviewing and being interviewed with his article, 11 Advantages of Interviewing Others and Being Interviewed.

Over at comes a brilliant piece of addition, Simple things you must know about blogging but you might not know it., which explains how to befriend people in the Web 2.0