link love wednesdayLink Love posts are the ones that is meant to spread this blog’s link love to bloggers that help the community grow and make better place to be. Bloggers are working so hard to provide useful resource, if they don’t get link love and applause then I feel it’s pretty unfair on our parts. This also helps in providing our blog visitors with useful content which they might miss otherwise.

Today in Link Love:

Jonathan Fields, comes up with a very interesting report Top bloggers confess: size matters!, which examines and shows that size does matter when it comes to writing posts. So, I guess we get a lesson from there to make blog posts BIGGER!

Gyutae Park, wrote a very interesting with amazing title on Sphinn, Interview with SEO Aaron Wall’s Wife, Giovanna, where he talks to Giovanna about her life with Aaron. My heartiest wishes for Aaron for a happy married life!

Over at comes a SMART article from Krista, Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals, which explains how one could set the goals smartly and accomplish them!

Skellie on writes about Build Your Blog With Forum Traffic, where she explains how one could build traffic to their forums by replying to the posts!

Over at comes yet again an interesting article Exposed!! 10 Secret Habits of Top Successful Bloggers, which explains how one could leverage from the actions of top bloggers.

Ian on writes 11 Internet Marketing Trends to Ignore for 2008, which describes the trends of internet marketing that one should ignore in 2008.

Thinking to start a small business here is a list of 32 Must Reads To Ensure Small Business Success, which describes how one could start off good with small businesses.

Are You Wasting Your Time on Social Networks? This is the question that Chris Brogan asks you at comes up wiht a Local Search Engines & Popular Local Search Listings, which shows all the guides to local search engines and listings.