link love wednesdayLink Love posts are the ones that is meant to spread this blog’s link love to bloggers that help the community grow and make better place to be. Bloggers are working so hard to provide useful resource, if they don’t get link love and applause then I feel it’s pretty unfair on our parts. This also helps in providing our blog visitors with useful content which they might miss otherwise.

Today in Link Love:

Manasa over at SEO MegaCorp comes with an awesome article “10 Steps to Tango” The Social Media Cookbook, where she describes about how one could make their profiles visible on the social media sites. A must read for today!

Mack Collier aver at SEG, has written an article So Does Blogging Really Work? Here’s the Proof., where he describes how blogging helps and why you should consider blogging.

Over at SEP, Jeff Quipp writes Communicating with Digg Friends … and Tracking Similarity of Interests, an amazing guide which if followed properly would result in making you a digg superstar.

Over at has a very good post about Importance Of Inbound And Outbound Links In Seo, which discusses about the importance of inbound and outbound links in SEO.

Over at comes an interesting article Marketing Trends: 21+ Websites for Finding What’s Hot, which gives a list of 21 websites there you could find what is hot!

Over at SocialMediaTrader comes an article of Resource List: 40+ Sites For Writers, which gives a list of 40+ sites for writers to look for!