Manish's Online Income for April 2008I thought to share my online income report with my readers so as to motivate them about starting to blog and consult about their services with people. This is a blog of mine which went online in May 2007. So a year long blogging experience with this one, although I started to blog way back in 2005, with my another blog. This domain is online since July 2006. So quite a long time and Google now loves this blog. The chief sources of my income are SEO Consulting, Link Building and Social Media Consulting.

Blog Stats (consists previous month data):

1. PageRank: 3 (Previous 4, I guess the links that I put on my blog roll made it lose a bit of link love.)
2. Unique Visits: 4963 (5916)
3. Number of Visits: 8050 (9604)
4. Page Views: 26652 (35158)
5. RSS Subscribers: 32 (25)

Income Sources:

1. SEO Consulting: $1000
2. Link Building: $150

Total Earning for April 2008: $1150