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The thing which separates “wheat from chaff” in any field, is it’s quality and professionalism. You need to stand out from the crowd and there are many ways for you to do it! All it takes is some hard work and a little time.

With the above feelings in my mind I thought to give a newer look to my blog design. And I’m glad I found a wonderful theme and brilliant plugins which made my blog look pretty to the eyes.

Here are the 11 reasons which I think made my blog defeat Matt Cutts’ blog design.

  1. Fresh Look: This new blog theme although was brilliant originally, I tweaked it a bit to make it work according to my looks and feel and wow doesn’t it look awesome. With a wonderful Web2.0 look, having enough white spaces to say out the content, loud.
  2. Like Featured Content: This one is my favorite. I felt amazed when I saw homepage showing featured articles rolling over one by one. This made me to search for similar plugins for this blog, and I’m glad I found it on Jason’s blog. Thanks Jason for this wonderful plugin!
  3. Easy RSS Subscription: RSS subsrcibers are very important and precious for any blog. So, a clear place to subscription is a must. Now, as you can see it has an option to Subscribe through email, making easier for my valued readers to stay updated.
  4. Featured and Popular Posts: You want your readers to stay on your blog and get the maximum information you want to give them. The Featured and Popular posts does it very best, showing the best articles from this blog.
  5. Top Commentators: You need to give your commentators some value, so in this new design I included the top commentator plugin which shows the top 5 commentators of this blog.
  6. Post Excerpts: I got the feeling that it is usually not easy for people to scroll down 3-4 or even 5 windows below to see your posts, so this time I converted it into a few lines of excerpts so that my visitors can see the topics and read the ones which interests them.
  7. Easy Social Bookmarking Options: Social bookmarking is a must for every blogger, and it becomes a must when your are not Jeff Quipp, Darren Rowse, Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall, Brian Clark, Rand Fishkin, Loren Baker, Bill Slawski, Barry Swartz, Lee Odden. So an option to easily bookmark the blog posts makes it easy for your articles to get repeat visitors and links.
  8. Image Alignment with Content: When you want your blog to be counted among the best of the world, you’ve got to follow standards. With images going here and there, would not make your blog look professional. So I made image alignment with content so that it could focus the image and does not breaks the content.
  9. Easy Contact Options: I really like to hear from people. So, I included a way for my visitors to contact me. It also adds to the credibility of the blogger, that there’s really a “real human being” behind all these stuffs.
  10. Post Ratings: Everyone has the right to vote and they love to. This is to keep my visitors involved with the blog and make them feel that they are an important part of my blog.
  11. Post Views: This shows how many times a particular article has been viewed. A good way to show off if your blog is highly trafficked.

Well there you go, that were my 11 new additions on this blog. Hope you like them and add them to your own blog to stand out of the crowd. And please let me know your comments about this new blog design, if you like it or not?

PS: I would like to tell you that I respect this person named Matt Cutts very much. He’s a wonderful person and I’ve no feeling of defaming him with this article.

This article is meant to let you know how you can improve your blog and make it more user friendly and easily navigable.