This is the second seo contest I’m taking part after the cheeni climate seo contest. This is supposed to be a bigger contest than the previous one. The target term here is “SEOcontest2008“. We’re supposed to rank for this term until 1st, April 2008. The winner will receive $1000, that’s a big amount, so a bigger competition.

I’m once again using my white hat techniques that has made me reach top spot for the cheeni climate seo contest. This way I’m improving my skills and adding more to my armor.

The thing which is required to do to enter this contest is to link to the contest starters The UK Webmaster World SEO Contest. So now as I’ve linked to them I’ve officially entered the contest. Nice way to grab link juice guys. Well done!

The reason I chose this SEO Expert blog is because, this is one of the oldest blog I’ve. Google favors old domains and they backed with good anchor text links could be a great combination. I’ve tested this before and this would again give us a solid proof.

Till now this post is doing fine. It came right on the 6th page of Google for the contest term seocontest2008. Now, I’m updating this post to see if doing this can help it to gain higher positions. If we rise then we have yet another proof that updating content might just help to rank higher.

Well people keep on saying about these things that updating your article helps. So, lets find out. If it helps or not.

So once again guys, wish me luck and link to this page with the anchor text “seocontest2008“, if you want to see a friend winning this contest. Thanks! :)