reasons this article will hit front page of sphinnThis post will hit the front page of Sphinn, and to show you why here are my 10 super top reasons!

1. This Article Has A Killer Title: This article has used a “killer” title. The Top 10 lists, How To Do lists, are the most liked ones by the Sphinners!

2. This Article Uses An Image: Pictures say a 1000 words. Images are important in your articles in two ways, first they add up in a good look and feel of your article and second it make you gain credibility as an author. The image I used here is a piece of humor! Who doesn’t loves it?

3. This Article Is In A List Format: This article is in list format. Articles in a list format generally takes less time to read and helps you understand what the post has to say and give.

4. This Article Links In-and-Out: Sphinners love to see the references that one has put in their article to support their points. This not only helps in building a credible readers but also helps in building a reputation as a good author.

5. This Article Has A SphinnIt Button: Sphinners find it convenient to Sphinn the posts that has a live SphinnIt button. This helps in easily voting for you articles. You must consider it seriously and add a SphinnIt button.

6. This Article Solves A Problem: This article will help people who find it difficult to crack the front page of Sphinn, as it silently explains to the reader how they could write their own articles which could be picked up! Few things which you must consider while Sphinnin, before submitting your articles to Sphinn, get used to the environment, vote for others, submit other’s article, become a social icon.

7. This Article Is Unique: Writing unique and good quality content is the answer to social media success. Writing useful content will help you get your words out and make a mark in the industry as a professional. Articles which are first of it’s kind go wild like crazy. Come up with some industry research, and test, you will get huge appreciations.

8. This Article Talks About Sphinn: Sphinners love to hear and share about Sphinn. This article talks about how one could crack the front page of Sphinn and people love it!

9. This Article Is Simple And To The Point: Sphinners love to read articles that are simple and to the point. They find it difficult to go through way to many hard to understand articles or read way to big articles.

10. Sphinners Will Enjoy This Article: And more over, Sphinners will enjoy this article, which is simple to read, helpful, resourceful and talks about their lovely and homely community Sphinn! Didn’t you?

This post is inspired by this digg bait, from MixedMarketAlerts. Thanks for the Sphinn Collin.