Top 11 Link Baiting GuidesLink building is undoubtedly the single most important factor in SEO, that could enhance your website rankings organically. Well everyone knows that, what is more important is that how to get those links that would help you to achieve top rankings. If you are in a competitive niche as I’m in, then link baiting is the way to go.

What is Link Baiting?
Link baiting in its broad term is to produce a link worthy content, video or even images, which would in turn give you massive amount of one-way inbound links (IBLs). The best example of a link bait is SEOMoz’s Web2.0 Awards, which got more than 100,000 links, check it here.

Here I list before you the Top 11 Link Baiting Guides that has helped me a lot in learning and understanding this hard to understand concept.

live bait1. When talking about link baiting, the first name comes in everyone’s mind is Andy Hagans. An awesome blogger and a fine link baiter. His guide Andy Hagans’ Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and SMM, is amongst the hot favorites in link baiting arena. If you haven’t yet read it, leave all your work and do it first. If you see the title of this post, it’s taken from the same guide.

2. Wiep, one of the new members in the link building arena. He started blogging in June 2007, yet he has achieved a decent reputation in the industry. His guide Link Baiting: Which Hook Attracts the Right Fish?, describes mathematically which hook you must apply.

3. A link baiting list is incomplete if Patrick Altof’s Linkbaiting: Beginners Guide to Linkbait, is not mentioned. Patrick is yet another link baiter who has managed to get 50000 links in just 11 months. This is the reason he is so successful and respected in the blogging arena.

4. Todd Malicoat, aka Stuntdubl, one of the top SEOs in the industry also has a reputation of a fine link baiter and so his guide The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited, is a must read for everyone.

5. When reaching out for link baiting, SEJ’s Link Baiting & Effective Link Building, guide is also a must read for all. Here Rob, explains all the hooks one by one.

6. Darren Rowse of also has his 20 Linkbaiting Techniques, which is meant to help you in your link baiting campaign.

7. TopRank Blog’s Session : Link Baiting & Viral Search Success, is also a link baiting guide which discusses about the effect of link bait in viral marketing.

8. If you are in a real estate business then 21 Link Bait Ideas for Realtors, by Andy Beal is a must for you. He explains how to get links in such a highly competitive area, and you could also duplicate them for your niche.

9. Jim Karter’s 10 Tips for Link Baiting, is yet another link baiting guide to help you learn the concepts in an easy way.

10. Jim Westergren, another fine link builder and his guide Jim Westergren on Link Bait, is also a must to read.

11. John Chow, and his guide The Simple 3 Step Of Link Baiting, is the simplest link baiting guide one could ever find.

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