I was searching for latest tech gadgets and I came across a strange gadget, which was supposed to be a USB flash drive. So, I thought to find more of these weird looking gadgets of the 21st century and got the below 15 very weird and amazing looking flash drives.

1. World’s Tiniest USB Drive

Tiniest usb flash drive

The world’s lightest, tiniest USB flash drive is now 50% FASTER with Vista Boost Certified! Revolutionary size and an amazing price make the Super Stick the ultimate buy for a USB flash drive.

2. Leather USB Drive

Leather USB Drive

A really weird but stylish leather-cased USB flash drive. This sexy little bundle of leather and zinc comes in sizes ranging fron 64 MB to 2 GB, and would make a prefect gift for a stylish friend.

3. Pen cum USB Drive

Pen cum USB Drive

A Pen cum USB drive. Perfect for every geek who can, at one instant write and on the other save useful data on his USB drive.

4. Necklace USB Drive

Necklace USB Drive

A fabulous necklace USB Drive for a fashionable Girl Geek. She could wear it and make their friends jealous to get a similar necklace for them.

5. Poker Chip USB Flash Drive

Poker Chip USB Flash Drive

A poker chip looking USB drive which comes pre-installed with a Texas Hold ‘Em game. An easy way to let others know about your addictiveness for the game.

6. Thumb Looking USB Drive

Thumb Looking USB Drive

Scare your friends with this interesting thumb looking drive. One good example will be to put it in your hand and cut it!

7. Burger USB Drive

Burger USB Drive

This burger shaped USB flash drive which comes complete with cheese slice, sesame seed bun, lettuce, oh and 1GB of capacity, to add to our collection of highly whimsical USB flash drive memory sticks.

8. Wrist Watch USB Drive

Wrist Watch USB Drive

A men’s analogue wrist watch that incorporates a USB flash drive in the wrist band latch. Integrating a USB flash drive into the wrist watch accomplishes three things. 1) Allows the manufacturer to capitalize on the popularity and functionality of a standard USB Flash drive. 2) Eliminates consumer pocket clutter. 3) Extends traditional usability by adding a practical function.

9. Handbag USB Drive

Hand Bag USB Drive

Conventionally called as bags of storage. You can now indulge your love of bags while sitting at your computer, thanks to these USB handbag sticks designed by Russian designer Dima Komissarov.

10. Gold Data Hunter USB Drive

Gold Data Hunter USB Drive

A gold plated monster capable of storing 1 GB of data. A perfect gift item for a computer engineer son or a daughter.

11. Fancy Bone USB Drive

Fancy Bone USB Drive

Dog supper’s fancy bone looking USB drive. Just one quick tip, keep it away from your dog, otherwise it may take it away from it for his own use!

12. Wrist Band USB Drive

Wrist Band USB Drive

Designed to be wearable, this stylish wristband USB flash drive will not only facilitate the immediate accessibility of your files, but it will also assist you in remaining acutely conscious as to its whereabouts at all times.

13. T-Bot USB Drive

T-Bot USB Drive

Who says thumb drives all have to look the same? With beads and springs for appendages and a dust cover for a head, T-Bot is a thumb drive with personality. But don’t worry, his personality is backed up by functionality. This is a robot shaped USB Flash Drive. It looks cool and gizmo. The name of the product is synonyms to its functionality. It is available in a capacity of 1GB to 8GB.

14. Syringe Looking USB Drives

Syringe Looking USB Drives

This attractive syringe USB flash drive that ought to catch the eye of your colleagues. Just make sure your boss doesn’t misunderstand the streak of mischieviousness in you and give you the sack instead! Too bad this USB 2.0 flash drive comes with a maximum storage space of only 1GB, which is pretty much the minimum for today’s standards. The USB Syringe drive measures 72mm x 25mm x 18mm.

15. Bullet USB Drive

Bullet USB Drive

Pretec have made a flash drive called as i-Disk Bulletproof, which comes in sizes from 128 MB to 2 GB. It is claimed to be resistant from water, ice, fire and of course, bullet. It can transfer data at the rate of 20 Mbps and has write speed of 12 Mbps.