Science and Technology are responsible for the healthy and luxurious lives we lead, and so are very important for us. I found many posts interesting last year and wanted to share the best with you. Science and Technology is very broad topic so I broke them into sub categories to make it easier for my readers.

Here are the sub categories:


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science & technology

  1. Science: Science is the effort to discover, and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. Using controlled methods, scientists collect data in the form of observations, records of observable physical evidence of natural phenomena, and analyze this information to construct theoretical explanations of how things work. Knowledge in science is gained through research. The methods of scientific research include the generation of hypotheses about how natural phenomena work, and experimentation that tests these hypotheses under controlled conditions. The outcome or product of this empirical scientific process is the formulation of theory that describes human understanding of physical processes and facilitates prediction. I had tried to cover 200 best posts of the Science this year.
    1. General Science:There is various categories in the Science and I have considered mainly space, health and environment so, the posts which does not fall in these categories I have collected them in General Science. Here are Blog posts related to the general science this year which I has bookmarked.

      Is science faith-based? on DiscoverMagazine. Posted by Phil Plait, this post is anti-science and Phil is telling that “Why science in not faith based??”

      5 Really Weird Things About Water on NeatOrama. Posted by Alex and telling about the complexity of the water as “Water, good H2O, seems like a pretty simple substance to you and me. But in reality, water – the foundation of life and most common of liquid – is really weird and scientists actually don’t completely understand how water works.”

      Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn’t Want You to Know… on SciAm. Posted by John Rennie and Steve Mirsky about the Intelligent design and evolution.

      The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science on Cracked. A cool blog post by Luke McKinney, telling about the Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science.

      Top Ten Things Science Can’t Explainon Null-Hypothesis. Posted by Logan Wright enlisting the some of the terms and things which can not be explained by science.

      Large Hadron Collider’s Hacker Infiltration Highlights Vulnerabilities on Wired. A news story by Brandon Keim telling that “the Large Hadron Collider’s infiltration by hackers did not disrupt the historic project, experts warn that its computer systems are vulnerable — though at least their exploitation won’t destroy Earth.”

      Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos on Wired. Posted by Aaron Rowe, a nice collection of the amazing videos about physics from the web.

      10 Things You Didn’t Know About You on LiveScience. Here some of the simple things which generaly people does not know even they repeat them daily.

      5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed on cracked. Posted by Alexandra Gedrose about the terrifying experiments which has terrifying Conclusions.

      The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science on Cracked. A scientific post by Luke McKinney, telling about the seven self-endangering scientists who only wear lab coats because you can’t get explosive-bear-proof tuxedos outside of MI6.

      How To – Build a lucid dream machine on MakEzine Blogs. Posted by Collin Cunningham, giving the ideas for an AVR based device which helps you realize you’re dreaming.

      The Female Brain And Sexuality: 10 Interesting Facts on DevineCaroline. Posted by the Women Co. organization, telling some fascinating facts about the neurochemical make-up of women and how it impacts our behavior.

      Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos on Wired. A nice video post by Aaron Rowe covering some interesting chemistry videos.

      5 Great Science Books to Expand Your Mind on ReadWriteWeb. Posted by Alex Iskold, discussing 5 different books that will get you fired up about modern science.

      10 Futuristic Materials on AcceleratingFuture. Posted by Michael Anissimov, telling about the 1o materials which are good enough in their properties.

      Top 10 Useless Limbs and Other Vestigial Organs on LiveScience. Here in the post you will find the 10 useless body parts in various animals.

      20 Most Incredible Light Phenomena on EnvironmentalGrsffiti. Written by Thomas Davie, explaining the light phenomenas with cool pictures.

      How Marijuana Works on Null-Hypothesis. A nice post answering the question “How could plant smoke affect our physiology?”

      This Pill Will Change Your Life on PopSci. A post covering the six pills about how they will effect on you? and how you can be changed?

      Life-changing books: Recommendations from 17 leading scientists on NewScientist. Here are the books that have left a lasting impression on some of the world’s top scientists.

      Retrain Your Brain – 20 memory tricks you’ll never forget on A post by Patricia Curtis, exposing some tips and tricks for maintaining your mental health.

      10 Things You Didn’t Know About Oil on NeatOrama. In this post Alex is telling the 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Oil.

      The 10 Next Hot Skyscrapers You Won’t Find in Dubai on PopularMechanics. In this post Kevin Hall is sharing his 10 favorite skyscrapers under construction whose radical designs and eco-friendly architecture make up for a lack of height.

      The World’s Spookiest Weapons on PopSci. A nice post about the 10 weapons which has changed the war life in the present situation, here Matt Ransford expaining them with images.

      Ten Reasons Why Bigfoot’s a Bust on Discovery. A gallery presented by the Discovery with short of descriptions.

      The world’s nine largest science projects on DiscoveryChannel. A post by Dragana Kovacevic and Peter McMahon about the largest projects on Earth: running, under construction, and on the drawing-board.

      The 10 Craziest Scientific Experiments Ever Conducted on Cracked. Posted by Ian Fortey and he is telling that Over the years more than a few scientists have strayed from the path of useful research into crazy as a shithouse rat research.

      Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal with the Dead on LiveScience. A list post again on live science about the weird ways of the disposal of a body after the death.

      7 Stupid Thinking Errors You Probably Make on LifeHack. A post by Scott H Young about the psychology which studies errors, known as biases.

      A casual disregard for facts on ScienceBlogs. Post tells about a casual disregard for facts between the science and religion.

      10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth on EnvironmentalGraffiti. Psted by Alex Ion, here he has given some of the images and telling about the worlds biggest Craters.

      Nevermind The Black Hole Hoopla: Here’s How the LHC Could Blow Up the World of Physics on DiscoverMagazine. A post by Andrew Moseman telling that collider might find extra dimensions, dark matter, some unknown unknown, and just maybe nothing at all.

      10 impossibilities conquered by science on NewScientist. Posted by Michael Marshall have rounded up 10 things that were once thought scientifically impossible.

      Eight Real-Life Doctor Frankensteins Who Pushed the Boundaries of Life and Death on iO9. Lauren Davis is telling about some real-life scientists who have performed shocking experiments on the nature life and death in this post.

      Einstein’s 23 Biggest Mistakes on DiscoverMagazine. Discover Magazine has presented a Chronology of Einstein’s Mistakes in a listed manner.

      10 Mind-Myths: Do Any of These Catch You Out? on PsyBlog. This post here is about the attitude and behaviour.

      10 Trailblazing Scientists About to Change Your Future on MentalFloss. A nice list post here about the traibazing scientists.

      Ten Ways the World Will End on Discover Magazine. Will it be a solar flare? Or a gamma-ray burst? DISCOVER’s own Phil Plait lays out the odds.

      The Bigger They Are: 10 Ice Age Giants on MentalFloss. A post by Miss Cellania, about the giant sized animals and birds of the during the ice age.

      10 Important Differences Between Brains and Computers on ScienceBlogs. A review of the mind over the computer by Chris Chatham.

      20 Facts About the Human Genome on Sanger. Posted by Don Powell telling about the facts of human genome.

      Art as Visual Research: 12 Examples of Kinetic Illusions in Op Art on ScientificAmerican. A post by Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik about the art and neuroscience combine in creating fascinating examples of illusory motion.

      3 Ideas That Are Pushing the Edge of Science on DiscoverMagazine. Published by Patrick Huyghe, he is covering the facts about the medical bots powered by sperm, clean fusion power, and two-dimensional time.

      Five Household Plants That Can Kill You on EnvironmentalGraffiti. Ben has posted this article which is telling that some of the household plants may kill you.

      Top 10 science hoaxes of all time on DiscoveryChannel. Here is Peter McMahon’s picks for the 10 greatest shams of science, discovery, and technology of all time.

      10 deep-sea secrets revealed on MSNBC. In this post John Roach is telling that scientists are racing to explore using tools such as the deep-ocean submersible Alvin, which will uncover 10 deep-ocean secrets.

      20 Wonders of the Microscopic World on EnvironmentalGraffiti. Kelly Taylor posted the best of the best in photomicography, exploring the world in all its microscopic glory.

      The Next 5 Extreme Research Machines You Need to Know on PopularMechanics. After the LHC Erik Sofge is giving the overview on other extreme research machines.

      Most Watched 10 YouTube Videos Last year in General Science:

      />Imagine Tenth Dimension

      Can Time Slow Down?
      E=mc²: Einstein explains his famous formula

      Quantum Mechanics for Dummies

      Invasive Fire Ants Lose Heads to Flies
      Venus Flytrap in Action
      Fuel less Heater
      World’s Most Powerful Laser
      Science Behind Negative Review
      Time Travel One Step Away
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