Environment:Environmental science is the study of the interactions among the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment; with a focus on pollution and degradation of the environment related to human activities; and the impact on biodiversity and sustainability from local and global development. It is inherently an interdisciplinary field that draws upon not only its core scientific areas, but also applies knowledge from other non-scientific studies such as economics, law and social sciences. Physics is used to understand the flux of material and energy interaction and construct mathematical models of environmental phenomena. Chemistry is applied to understand the molecular interactions in natural systems. Biology is fundamental to describing the effects within the plant and animal kingdoms. Here are the Blog posts and the Articles in the environment section.

Slow Motion Lightning Video is Mindblowing on Gizmodo. A video post written by Adam Frucci, telling that It’s a lightning bolt that’s shooting down from the sky, shot in slow motion which looks cool.

At $1 per Watt, the iTunes of Solar Energy Has Arrived on SolveClimate. A news post by David Sassoon, linking this article because its good news even here the linked items are article or blog posts.

Left-Hand-Turn Elimination on NYtimes Magazine. There Joel Lovell is telling that UPS saved 3 Million Gallons of Gas– By Not Turning Left.

Eight reasons higher prices will do us a world of good on MarketWatch. A nice commentary By Chris Pummer, on the gas bad usages and harms and justifying that if the prices will increase then it will be beneficial.

Why Eating a Big Mac is Cheaper than Eating a Salad on Celsias. A good post by Craig Mackintosh, comparing that the if people will destroy not eco friendly things then environment will be fine.

Ten myths about nuclear power on SpikedOnline, posted by Rob Johnston. Here are some of the myths we had heared from greens debating nuclear power.

45 Scientists Dump Global Warming Deniers in 24 Hours on EnvironmentalGraffiti. A news post by Ben there about the post on other site that written about the 500 scientists who does not believe in the Global Warming.

The Real Price of Oil: Dollars, Gold, and the Price of Tea in China on RideLust. Telling about when if the price of oil wasn’t really up? What if it were just an illusion?

Save Gas, $30,000 and Your Pride on DailyGreen. Posted by Jeff Yeager about learn to drive stick shift.

Are There Really ‘Continents’ of Floating Garbage? on DailyGalaxy. Answering the question Are there really ‘continents’, or massive floating garbage patches residing in the pacific ocean?

Cost of Solar Panels Expected To Plummet on EcoGeek. Telling about the producing cheaper photovoltaic.

Golden Frog Waves Goodbye, Then Goes Extinct in the Wild on Celsias. A Video post by Craig Mackintosh about, something poignant about a final wave goodbye.

10 Deepest Lakes on Earth on EnvironmentalGraffiti. Cool collection of 10 deepest lakes by Alex Ion.

Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned Worldwide on Poconorecord. Here is a PDF presentation about the harmful effects of the Plastic Bags.

It Happened to Him. It’s Happening to You on WashingtonPost. Posted by Michael Novacek about the major happenings on the earth.

How To Stop Paying for Gas and Run on Free Vegetable Oil in 8 Easy Steps on TheTravelersNotebook. Written by Brad Whipple about the driving your car in the weekend fretting over the cost of fuel?

11 Powerful Environmental Messages on TheDailyGreen. Posted by Annie Bell Muzaurieta, its an Image post about the environmental ads which sends message to the people.

17 Reasons Why Bicycles Are the Most Popular Vehicle in the World Today on EcoWorldly. A cool post by Gavin Hudson, telling that Bicycling it isn’t always easy but also telling that why bicycle is most popular vehichle.

The Recycling Myth on Mises. An article by Per Bylund, discussing the myths about recycling.

7 Places Global Warming is Smacking the Crap Out of the Earth Right Now on EarthFirst. A nice post about the top places where you may see the effect of the Global Warming.

10 Precious Animal Species on the Verge of Extinction on MetadorChange. Posted by Mary Pfaffko, enlisting the precious animal species whic are verge of extinction.

Great Greenwashed Advertising on GreenHome.Huddler. An article on ads out there right now that promote going green.

8 Amazing Technicolor Images of Nuclear Fireballs on EnvironmetalGraffiti. Chris has posted most amazing images of destruction that man and nature have ever devised.

6 Stupidly Simple Steps to Saving Billions of Gallons of Gas on EcoGeek. Posted by Hank Green, telling some tips for saving gas.

20 Visually Arresting but Threatened Forests on WebEcoist. An image post by Sara, telling about the world’s great forests which have make our planet hospitable to life.

The $19 Billion Question on TheDailyGreen. A question by Kim Flottum, asking the question “What Happens to Your Food When Beekeepers Go Out of Business? (and They Are)” and proving that its $19 Billion.

50 Ways to Help The Planet on WireAndTwine. You can see that going green doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds.

The 10 big energy myths on Gaurdian.co.uk. A nice post by Chris Goodall about the energy myths.

12 Craziest Green Technologies on EnviroNuts. A cool post on the green technologies which may be said craziest according to author.

Great Greenwashed Advertising on GreenHome.Huddler. An wiki article here, which covers the great examples of the Greenwashing.

Sun + Water = Fuel on TechnologyReview. A news post by Kevin Bullis about the catalyst developed by MIT scientists which can produce energy with Water and sun light.

20 Visually Arresting but Threatened Forests on WebEcoist. An Image post written by Sara about the forests.

10 Most Incredible Waterfalls of Ice on EnvironmetalGraffiti. An image post by Linda McCormick about the world’s most beautiful waterfalls of ice.

5 Myths About Wind Energy on LiveScience. A nice post there for giving the knowledge of the wind energy generation and covered all of the aspects about it.

7 Completely No-Brainer Ways to Go Green and Save Money on PeopleJam. A post there about the going green and saving money by it.

Most Watched 10 YouTube Videos Last year in Environment :

/>Google Maps (Part I of “The Googling”)

30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

Crazy Lightning Strike!

Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?

Inside the Transition: Energy & Environment Policy Team

Huge hail balls vs car

Recycled Houses

The Earth’s Ozone Hole from 1979-2007

Blue Gold : World Water Wars

Ranger Rick Takes Action on Climate Change
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