Space: Space science is an all-encompassing term that describes all of the various science fields that are concerned with the study of the Universe, generally also meaning “excluding the Earth” and “outside of the Earth’s atmosphere”. Originally, all of these fields were considered part of astronomy. However, in recent years the major sub-fields within astronomy, such as astrophysics, have grown so large that they are now considered separate fields on their own. Here are the posts related to space which I had bookmarked.

Ten things you don’t know about the Earth on DiscoverMagazine. A amazing post by Phil Plait about the unseen things about the earth

Ten things you don’t know about black holes on DiscoverMagazine. Again a good post by Phil, here he is again uncovering some facts about Black Holes.

100 Explosions on the Moon on A nice presentation of news like article with the detailed images of the places where explosion taken place.

Anyone Who Thinks the LHC Will Destroy the World is a Twat on AstroEngine. A controversial post by Ian O’Neill, proving that Anyone Who Thinks the LHC Will Destroy the World is a Twat.

The Top Ten Hubble Images of All Time on HomeBoyAstronomy. A nice image post by Marko Pyhajarvi, covering best hubble images of all time.

Ten things you don’t know about the Milky Way Galaxy on DiscoverMagazine. Cool… again a nice post by Phil Plaint, now uncovering the facts about the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ten Mysteries of the Solar System on UniverseToday. A post by Ian O’Neill, where he is telling the mysteries about the solar system.

13.73 Billion Years – The Most Precise Measurement of the Age of the Universe Yet on UniverseToday. Wow…. now Ian O,Neill rocks… again come with cool post, its a news article but i like the presentation.

Where Do Satellites Go When They Die? on EnvironmentalGrafitti. A nice post by Linda McCormick, giving the knowledge and resources about the satellites after its end.

Are we aliens? on DiscoverMagazine. Nice… I think some of the good sites are listing more in this list……but I can not just ignore them. See, again Phil Plaint.. covering if and buts of the question Are We Aliens??

Why the universe may be teeming with aliens on NewScientist. A post by by David Shiga, I like WHY? posts… here I liked the question.

Are We Living in a Giant Void? on DailyGalaxy. A news post by Josh Hill, retrieved from LiveScience about our status in the universe.

What is the Higgs Boson? on AstroEngine. Ohh.. again by Ian O’Neill, Telling about the Higgs Boson which is key feature in the largest experiment known in the history of mankind.

Top 10 strangest things in space on MSNBC. A cool post there, images containing from gravity waves to galactic cannibalism, outer space is out of this world.

Four Reasons Not to Give Up on Interstellar Travel on io9. A nice article By Nivair H. Gabriel, suggesting the reasons not to give up on interstellar travel.

Did Multiple Moons Once Orbit Earth? on DailyGalaxy. A take of Josh Hill on the NewScientist post “did earth once have multiple moons.”

Top Ten Weird Things Sent Into Space on Null-Hypothesis. A really cool post here, about the weird stuffs sent to space.

Galaxy without dark matter puzzles astronomers on NewScientist. Posted by Stephen Battersby, about the dark matter which is supposed to be spread throughout the universe, but a new study reports a spiral galaxy that seems to be empty of the stuff, and astrophysicists cannot easily explain why.

2012: No Planet X on UniverseToday. Again by Ian O’Neill, an ultimate post by him, you can see that he has culled many resources to write this post and covered all if and buts about the planet X.

Nukes Are Not the Best Way to Stop an Asteroid on Wired. Hmm.. A post by Aaron Rowe, telling why the nuclear weapons could not be better to stop earth-bound asteroids.

How to Escape From a Black Hole on UniverseToday. No…No.. not written by Ian this post is written by Nancy Atkinson. Here she is telling how to scape from black hole simply applying Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

For Better or Worse, Sex in Space Is Inevitable on LiveScience. This post is written by Jeanna Bryner, just saying that weddings in space could be right around the corner, and experts figure the inevitable cosmic consummation will be just around the next corner.

30 Abstract Satellite Images of Earth on EnvirnmentalGraffiti. A cool image post by Tom Davie and Chris Ingham Brooke, presenting the collection of the satellite images of earth.

10 Best Science Fiction Planets on DiscoverMagazine. Posted by Stephen Cass, enlisted the ten science fiction planets from Solaris to Nasqueron.

50 years, 50 giant leaps: How Nasa rocked our world on A special coverage of Independent on the day of National Aeronautics and Space Administration marks its first half-century of exploration and discovery.

The Extremely Long Odds Against the Destruction of Earth on DiscoverMagazine. Posted by the editors, saying don’t be too concerned that the world’s largest particle accelerator is about to go online.

How big can a black hole grow? on NewScientist. A cool Post by David Shiga, a small article by him about the black hole’s nature of expansion.

Inside the supernova machine on . If you want to know about the supernova machine then read this post of Alan Boyle, he has covered all of the aspects of it.

Astronomy study proves mathematics theorem on NewScientist. A news post by Stephen Battersby, telling how the mathematics theorem proved by astronomy study about the gravitational lens can do more than reveal details of the distant universe.

How Long Does it Take to get to the Moon? on UniverseToday. Nicely written by Ian O’Neill, here he is giving a quick rundown from slowest to fastest flights to Earth’s natural satellite 380,000 km away.

7 Ways William Shatner Changed the World on DiscoveryChannel. In the article, the writer is taking the example of William for proving that how fictional captain change the way we interact with our world?

Spacetime and Spin . I love this post of James Overduin, a researched post by him to relate spacetime and spin.

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