Programming: Programming is the process of writing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. This source code is written in a programming language. The code may be a modification of an existing source or something completely new. The purpose of programming is to create a program that exhibits a certain desired behavior (customization). The process of writing source code often requires expertise in many different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms and formal logic. I like programming very much because of logic and troubleshooting. Last year I have bookmarked these following posts which were related to programming.

How NOT to secure your website on TheDailyWTF. A sobering (and funny) tale of online security.

Powerful CSS-Techniques For Effective Coding on SmashingMagazine. In this post we present 50 new CSS-techniques, ideas and ready-to-use solutions for effective coding.

TwitterKeys: the first 48 hours… in Twitter! on TheNextWeb. Here learn how you add special character to

10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks on YongFook. Here is little coding tricks and snippets of knowledge that they’ve picked up over years of experimentation and evolution of processes, that are now part of our regular routine and save us time, gnashing of teeth and allow us to work quickly and efficiently.

The Bandwidth of Ejaculation on QDB. Nice quote here proving that A sperm = 37.5 MB of genetic information. Using basic math, we can compute the bandwidth of human male ejaculation as: (37.5MB x 100M x 2.25)/5 = (37,500,000 bytes/sperm x 100,000,000 sperm/ml x 2.25 ml) / 5 seconds = 1,687,500,000,000,000 bytes/sec = 1,687.5 TerraBytes/sec.

10 AJAX Effects to Boost Your Website’s Fanciness Factor on SivRevision. Here’s a collection of 10 powerful – yet easy-to-implement — AJAX effects to supplement your web page’s interface.

20 Excellent AJAX Effects You Should Know on NetTuts. There are a few special techniques or effects that can spice up just about any web page. These are the top 20 Ajax effects that every web developer should know.

12 Principles For Keeping Your Code Clean on SmashingMagazine. Here the writer telling that Beautiful HTML is the foundation of a beautiful website.

50 Excellent AJAX Tutorials on SmashingMagazine. Here is nice compilation of the top 50 tutorials which are best for the AJAX.

101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site on InsideCRM. Here is an the important to constantly improve your Web site. However, a massive overhaul is just too much work to undertake at one time.

25 Excellent Ajax Techniques and Examples on SixRevision. If you’re interested in expanding your understanding of Ajax techniques and practices, check out these 25 hand-picked Ajax articles and tutorials that outline various methods and concepts involved in the development of Ajax-based applications.

7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code on SmashingMagazine. Optimization isn’t just minimizing file size — it’s also about being organized, clutter-free, and efficient. You’ll find that the more knowledge you have about optimal CSS practices, smaller file size will inevitably come as an direct result of their implementation.

Most Wanted Ajax Techniques: 50+ Examples and Tutorials on Noupe. Web applications have made huge leaps and bounds in improving user experience thanks to a lot of recently developed Ajax technology.

10 Essential Principles of the PHP Masters on NetTuts. Here is PHP masters to show us the best principles to follow for high-grade PHP programming.

Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know on ResdWriteWeb. Here is transcend programming languages and projects – they are not design patterns, but rather broad areas that you need to be familiar with. The top 10 concepts may be raed here.

10 Smart Javascript Techniques to Improve Your UI on NetTuts. here are many clever and useful ways to improve a site from the user interface perspective.

How HTML 5 Is Already Changing the Web on WebMonkey. Here is the article which is telling that how the HTML 5 already changing the web.

Coding Creativity: 14 Ways to Learn From Creative Coders on LifeDev. Here writer telling that How Working with code is one of the most creative jobs one can have.

12 Excellent Free Text Editors for Coders on SixRevision. In this post, you’ll find 20 first-class free text editors that are designed with coders’ needs in mind.

10 things IT needs to know about AJAX on NetworkWorld. Ajax is one of the more disruptive new Web technologies traveling across networks today. To help you minimize future surprises on your network, they’ve outlined the 10 things you should take to heart about Ajax.

How To Get Started Programming With Django on WebMonkey. Django can do some very complex things with less code and a simpler execution than you’d expect. This tutorial breaks down how to start working with Django.

The 10 Most Sought-after Skills in Web Development on NetTuts. Here is writer telling In a time of economic crisis, web developers and freelancers everywhere have started chewing their fingernails. However, no matter how bad the economy worsens, there will always be work in certain booming fields of web development.

9 Practical Uses of Firefox’s Web Developer Tool on SixRevisions. A guide on how to effectively use the Firefox Web Developer extension to speed up and enhance your web-building.

10 Ways to Cut Down Web Development Time on SixRevisions. In this article, you’ll find 10 general, time-saving tips to cut down on your development time.

5 rules of variable naming on IanHickman. There are some of the rules of variable naming.

15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools on SmashingMagazine. In this article, They have explore some of the most popular and useful in-browser Web development tools.

15 Things Every Web Developer Should Be Thankful For on WebJackalope. Here are 15 things that we all should be thankful for. These are the technologies that we couldn’t live without, or that have previously paved the way and allowed us to be web developers.

10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress on SmashingMagazine. Let’s take a look at 10 useful, yet rather unknown RSS-tricks for WordPress.

20+ Greasemonkey Scripts to Improve your Twitter Experience on Mashable. Here are over 20 that are sure to vastly improve your Twitter experience.

40 Essential Tools and Resources to Visualize Data on FlowingData. Here are the tools I use or have used and resources that writer own or found helpful for data visualization – starting with organizing the data, to graphs.

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