The things which helped us to do so good on StumbleUpon are as follows:

The Content Ideas

1. Unique Content: Write something totally new, which is not easily available on other sites. Such articles are always liked by all, so is the case with Stumblers.


2. Pictures: One of the top sources that you can always find in the hot sections of StumbleUpon is the’s Big Picture.

Boston's Big Picture

3. Videos: Do you have some creative video, or have some idea to make it. You stand a very good chance to appeal to the StumbleUpon users as they are just mad about creativity.

4. Funny Stuff: StumbleUpon community is a big fan of funny and humorous stuffs. I you can come up with something funny you always stand a chance to hit the nail.


I am telling you these things so that you can also apply on to your blog/sites and see good traffic on your site.

In the end I’d like to add, it was a very good experience to try out the social media power, and I hope social media grows many folds in the next coming years giving opportunity to new sites, small businesses and individual bloggers a fair chance to make a mark.


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