I knew social media can give immense amount of traffic, but didn’t know the power of it until I got to see the results on my own. One of our clients (obviously I can’t disclose their identity) started with us as a start up.

We were honored to work with them as they are backed by few big names in India. The challenge was huge and the expectation was too high. But never the less we started good. The only thing we asked our writers was to come up with brilliant content.

The Strategy

We had a plan, to start the proceedings with StumbleUpon, then Reddit and then on Digg. We’ve seen Digg’s cruelty for new sites. So we tried to keep it away from Digg and boy, did we make a brilliant decision.

StumbleUpon TrafficThe first figure is showing the number of page views and the second one depicts the number of hits.

So starting the proceedings, we took StumbleUpon as our first tool. StumbleUpon turned out to be the top source for our traffic with 148,377 page views the very first month.

My Views on StumbleUpon Traffic

StumbleUpon traffic is of a very different kind. They are not like Digg, who come and go in an instant. Unlike Digg, StumbleUpon visitors go through your other pages as well. The average time of stay on the site greater than 30sec was 40.6% i.e. 40.6% of the visitors stayed on the site for more than 30 secs. 21.6% of the total visits stayed for more than 2 minutes. You can see that the time of stay is also good for a new website.

StumbleUpon as known gives traffic for days to come (on-going traffic). That is the reason it has become so popular. But StumbleUpon is not good to get links we couldn’t get many links we expected our articles to get. Never the less we got the traffic boost and our clients were happy that’s what we needed after all, and knew getting links were just a matter of time.

Traffic Distribution Country Wise

1. United States: US was the #1 source of traffic (and rightly so) giving 276,927 page views.
2. Australia: Aussies were the #2 to visit the site giving 53,933 page views.
3. India: Indians were the 6th largest group of traffic giving 4,253 page views.

Country Wise Traffic Distribution

Visits Duration

40.6% of the visitors stayed for more than 30 seconds. Which is a very good figure for a new site. With as much as 21.4% of the visitors stayed at the site for more than 2 minutes. Reading, going through the site as much as they can. The average duration of stay on the site was 195 seconds, i.e 3.25 minutes.

Visits Duration

1 2