The internet is an entity of infinite expanse. It crosses geographical boundaries and reaches out to people from all walks of life. What began as a mere experimental method for facilitating quick file transfer, the internet has now grown to become an integral part of our lives. A website forms a gateway to the virtually infinite amount of information that can be accessed at the click of a mouse.

A homepage forms the face of the website and a user always judges a website based on how appealing its homepage is. The website must be attractive as well as sophisticated. Portals are a way of marketing your organization to potential clients. Your clients take decisions based on the information conveyed by your website. A portal serves as a multipurpose entity that not only markets your organization but also generates revenue.


The number of users who have taken to web hosting has increased since the last decade. If you have a business and want to showcase it online, all you need is to decide on a good name and get it registered before someone else takes it. Different websites have different requirements and the audience they target also varies. The basic need to communicate is what leads to innovation. This is the main reason that the internet has been able to come out of corporate offices to the households.

Digg is one of the widely visited portals wherein users come and share their data. It has the feel of a social networking site wherein you can post data and stories that can be used by others. Users can post their review about the stories and the various feeds and the most popular feed is posted on the Digg homepage.

As a result of the increasing online community, many users now have their own websites wherein they can hang out with their friends and express their opinions on any topic under the sun. Many such pastimes have gone on to become highly successful enterprises. Blogs and posting feeds has been widely accepted. It gives you a means to voice your opinion on any current or past issue and see if others agree or disagree with you. It is a means to share content as well as ideas and is the best resource if you are looking for the review of any product. Digg is a platform wherein users can interact with each other and hence you will get direct access to the billions of others who access the portal.

Enlisted below are 7 sites which will definitely make it to the Digg front page, irrespective of who posted the feed. These sites are the most popular ones on the digg and have the most chances of hitting the front page.



There is no need to explain about this portal. If you want to download multimedia or any content on the internet, the first word that comes to your mind is torrent. This portal is an online data sharing community that provides you with a large database of high quality content.

Five Greatest Hits of TorrentFreak on Digg:

  1. The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty| 12k+ Diggs
  2. RIAA Website Wiped Clean by “Hackers”| 8k+ Diggs
  3. BREAKING: Warner Bros. Acquires The Pirate Bay April Fool’s Day joke| 7k+ Diggs
  4. 50% of Charges Against Pirate Bay Dropped| 6k+ Diggs
  5. Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible| 5k+ Diggs


If you are bored and are browsing to pass time, is the one for you. The website is not a mere collection of images and videos but shows how the existing videos can be modified and put to use for something totally different from the theme of the video. It also has loads of original stuff which are posted by users and the quality of content you find is good. Type in the web address and the homepage pops up showing you the most popular and the most recent content that was posted on the website. The portal has categorized its content into articles, videos, columnists, forum and craptions. Craption is a forum wherein an image is posted on the website and the users have to write a funny caption for it. The best one takes home the goodies. On the whole, is a place wherein you can post your views, have a laugh or search content. The most funny data on the internet is compiled and posted on the webpage and is the best place for those who want to laugh and have fun.

Five Greatest Hits of Cracked on Digg:

  1. The Internet Party | 11k+ Diggs
  2. 15 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped | 7k+ Diggs
  3. This is Why You Don’t Steal from Cracked | 7k+ Diggs
  4. The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses | 6k+ Diggs
  5. The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You | 5k+ Diggs



This is portal that is solely dedicated for gadget geeks. It has news about the latest gadgets and devices that are rolling out in the market and is the best place for those having queries relating to any type of software or hardware. It also gives reviews about games and articles that are related to them and hence you can remain updated about the recent technological developments.

Five Greatest Hits of ArsTechnica on Digg:

  1. RIAA loses in file sharing case| 9k+ Diggs
  2. The cake is a lie: IE team bakes a treat for Mozilla| 6k+ Diggs
  3. First look at Windows 7’s User Interface| 5k+ Diggs
  4. Gamers fight back against lackluster Spore gameplay, bad DRM| 5k+ Diggs
  5. Firefox 3 launch a success: 8 million downloads in 24 hours| 5k+ Diggs



If you thought funny videos or images is all that could make you laugh, think again. can be termed as an online comic strip which is creativity at its peak. It shows how four to five sketches can be good quality humor and is the best place if you are looking for a good laugh.

Five Greatest Hits of XKCD on Digg:

  1. I’m An Idiot| 6k+ Diggs
  2. Steal This Comic| 6k+ Diggs
  3. People playing chess on roller coasters| 6k+ Diggs
  4. Pirate Bay| 5k+ Diggs
  5. Ballmer Peak| 5k+ Diggs



There must be scores of portals giving you reviews on games. But there are not many which have video reviews for every game that you can lay your hands on. The can be called the bible for gamers. It has everything a gamer would want and gives you expert opinion on the latest games. It is not the review that makes it exciting but the way it is presented. The videos are hilarious and make you roll off with laughter but at the same time give you a correct opinion about the game.

Five Greatest Hits of Escapist’s ‘Zero puncuation’ on Digg:

  1. Spore| 5k+ Diggs
  2. Oblivion| 4k+ Diggs
  3. Metal Gear Solid 4| 4k+ Diggs
  4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed | 4k+ Diggs
  5. Too Human| 3k+ Diggs



Astronomy is a field that has always interested man and he has been working relentlessly to unravel the mysteries of the universe. It is the infinite expanse of the universe that deepens our sense of awe and hence propels the human mind to discover. Flashes of a giant star dying, the rings of Saturn, Sun`s hot spots etc are images that have always received large number of hits online. Apod stands for Astronomy Picture Of the Day and display the an interesting image everyday. The image is described in a small paragraph under the image and it is updated on a daily basis.

Five Greatest Hits of APOD on Digg:

  1. Eclipsed Moonlight| 3k+ Diggs
  2. Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning| 3k+ Diggs
  3. A Smoke Angel from Airplane Flares| 2k+ Diggs
  4. Volcano and Aurora in Iceland| 2k+ Diggs
  5. NGC 4013 and the Tidal Stream| 2k+ Diggs


JPL-NASA is a portal solely dedicated for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and gives you an insight of the latest discoveries that NASA has made. Planets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies etc, u name it they have it. It is highly recommended for astronomy freaks.

Five Greatest Hits of JPL NASA on Digg:

  1. Yes this really is a Moon| 3k+ Diggs
  2. Wood Found on Mars| 2k+ Diggs
  3. Moment Frozen in Time: Sunset on Mars| 2k+ Diggs
  4. Hi-res pic of Saturn’s freaky ice moon| 2k+ Diggs
  5. Center of the Galaxy, Super high-res pic| 1k+ Diggs

Honorable Mention:

Huffington-Post is a news portal headed by Ariana Huffington and a team of enthusiastic reporters who keep an eye on the latest happening around the world and present before us, the viewers a complete stats of data and reports that is why it is so much popular on Digg. Some people even say that they have a promotion team who promote the articles on Digg. I for one like their content and the way they present it, so they are listed here.

Five Greatest Hits of HuffingtonPost on Digg:

  1. Tina Fey As Sarah Palin: Katie Couric SNL Skit (VIDEO) | 7k+ Digg
  2. Palin Claimed Dinosaurs And People Coexisted | 7k+ Digg
  3. The Worst Sarah Palin Clip Yet | 6k+ Digg
  4. Tina Fey As Sarah Palin In VP Debate On SNL (VIDEO) | 6k+ Digg
  5. Palin’s Email Account Hacked (PHOTOS) | 6k+ Digg

Most of the feeds in Digg have their origin in one of the 7 sites listed above. These sites are the most popular in the Digg community and outrun others in their category in terms of quality of content, presentation and data arrangement.