Most of the seo companies are shutting down due to loss of revenue because of the recent Google updates. But there are experts who are still doing the seo businesses even after the panda and penguin updates.

SEO and Penguin Slap
Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Kunz

1. Click me still works

One of the very old methods was using click me and visit us as anchor tests. That method is successfully working after the recent revolutionary updates by the search engine giant Google. There are minimum risks for Google crawlers to detect this keyword as a suspicious keyword as it’s very common.

2. Video beats long articles

With the new trend of you tube and other public video sites most of the companies are using attractive videos in order to boost their publicity. Also seo companies can use the same video in different places by simply changing only the title of it. Videos medium is the one of the best seo tricks as people stay longer in one video Google never doubt about your back links.

3. Main keyword is dangerous

It’s advisable not to use your main keyword excessively in your anchor texts. It’s better to use it only in 3% of the whole article too. You can choose other sub key words which are nearly explaining the main keyword in order to keep the Google satisfied.

4. Use Google to get Google

SEO experts are using Google customized search tool in order to avoid the most common and suspicious keywords. You can use Google keyword tool alos for this purpose. Never use the exact same keywords in all your articles. Do not use the method of form signature back linking too. When you are using a website to create backlinks please do backgrounds check whether this site is popular among seo companies. To do that you can search the blog, form or the wiki link of the site in Google. EDU and GOV sites are the safest places to get back links however spamming is not encouraged. Also keep in mind that the site that you choose have other relevant content to what you ate going to post otherwise Google will suspect your content.

5. Google is going down

In the past people treated all the search engines equally. There were no much differences in the search results that they received. However Google took the radical step of implementing the keyword searching algorithm and suddenly became popular. However other search engines also adopted the same method after some time in order to keep up with Google. Because of the Penguin and the Panda updates people tend to use Bing and other search engines other than Google. So Google will have to implement a major change in order to keep their reputation intact.

Because of the above 5 facts it’s clear that SEO companies still have ways of surviving methods in the market. Also there’s a possibility of getting some relief from Google itself in the nearest future. Finally we can decide that SEO is not dead and Google also is encouraging seo in indirect ways. All you have to do is to be more careful than the past and avoid spamming and black hat methods as much as possible.